1 Day, Five Editors, 50 Styles: Our Quest to Find a Perfect Pair of Fall Jeans

August 25, 2016 - fall Denim

Kristina: we like this light cut given it balances out my thighs and, when ragged with heels, gives a apparition of longer legs. From a back, I’m happy with a approach a pockets calculated a aloft butt. we should note, though, that when we attempted to put them on they felt a bit too cosy during my thighs, like we couldn’t get a arm of a jeans to lay where it should.

Justine: we unequivocally favourite these flares. The arise was good and high (how we like it) and a altogether conformation is unequivocally flattering. Not to toot my possess horn or anything though my donkey looks flattering damn good in these, too.

Nikki: we don’t consider I’ve ragged a span of correct flares in a unequivocally prolonged time, though we would really buy these. They make my boundary demeanour turn and full—but not too big—while creation my thighs demeanour good and slim.

Gena: This was one of my favorite pairs and a cut I’d be mostly expected to wear in genuine life. we desired all about them: a slim fit by a thigh, a elementary dim wash, and a slight light with a border hem.

Natalie: I favourite a approach these felt while wearing them and we also favourite a style—I’ve been wanting to try a span given saying tattered hem denim on all a Instagram cold girls. But in a pictures, I’m not as crazy about a fit, generally on my butt!

Kristina: From a front, this span does a good pursuit of cinching a waist, though from a behind we felt like my boundary was removing flattened. we did suffer a stretchiness of a fabric however, that done a span additional gentle to wear. At a finish of a day we usually don’t like how they’re so parsimonious they fundamentally demeanour embellished on.

Justine: The aloft a inseam, a closer to god, right? we adore these jeans. They strike right above my swell symbol and stop right during my ankle, creation them a ideal length for my brief stature. Not to discuss that a altogether fit gave my physique a nice, hourglass shape.

Nikki: we adore how easy it was to get into these, that a high waist done me feel secure, and that they were indeed cropped on my 5’5″ frame.

Gena: Too leggings-y, not pant-y enough. Also, a proportions of a pockets to my backside are not ideal. Not my favorite span of a bunch.

Natalie: Can’t contend we adore these! Too legging-y, and a fit done me demeanour wider from a front though also flattened my boundary from a back. Wide-hipped though flat-butted? That competence indeed be a box for me though we don’t wish a jean that shouts it.

Kristina: I am so happy with how this span of jeans done my boundary demeanour rounder and fuller. From a front, we favourite that they were stout adequate to siphon in my thighs and were also usually a right volume of spare (read: not embellished on).

Justine: we generally cite black jeans over normal blue denim when it comes to anything that’s not selected as we find that black is always slimming. This accurate jean would be detached of my customary dive bar-going outfit—items that will demeanour good all night, no matter what happens.

Nikki: we consider we might have found a best span of black jeans ever. Slimming, comfortable, soothing to a touch—what’s not to love? The usually rain is that I’d have to get them hemmed.

Gena: This was another one of my favorite pairs during a fire and a photos endorse it. we desired how these were soothing and stretchy, though estimable adequate to feel like a breathe and not a legging. If these were hemmed dual inches, we would wear them 4 days a week.

Natalie: These were flattering gentle and were not as jegging-y as a other pairs, some-more of a estimable denim, that we liked. we favourite a approach they looked from a front and we consider they are medium-flattering from a back? Not great, though not bad! I’d wear them, generally given a denim was not legging-like so we felt exposed though also not so unbending that it wasn’t comfortable. They’d be good aeroplane jeans.

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