10 Ways to Incorporate Patchwork Denim Into Your Wardrobe

October 25, 2015 - fall Denim

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The ’70s trend is in full force for Fall. But if you’re like me, holding too many impulse from any decade can get genuine costume-y, genuine quick.

But one of a biggest components of a 1970′s reversion is a good square patchwork denim. And no, it doesn’t indispensably need to be jeans and it unequivocally doesn’t need to be flared jeans. Patched denim jackets, skirts, even clutches, will supplement a ’70s inspo to any outfit. It’s unequivocally tough to go wrong with a killer square of denim.

The easiest approach to incorporate patched denim into your habit is to find a square that we can wear with mixed things. Jeans are a best approach to go about it, though an strenuous chevron dress or great denim jacket also unequivocally work good to brew and match. And given they aren’t super ’70s inspired, we won’t have to worry about these going out of style.

Here are 10 pieces of patchwork denim we should be wearing for Fall.

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Urban Renewal Recycled French Workwear Patched Overall (Urban Outfitters, $98)


Overalls will always be adorable, though a super light rinse with dim rags is only a ideal vintage-inspired square to totally change adult a t-shirt or sweater.

Waven True Boyfriend Jeans With All Over Japanese Patchwork Detail (ASOS, $105)

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This character of patchwork denim is substantially my favorite. The slouchy beloved character with tone-on-tone dim rags with only one unsettled accent is so chic, though looking like your jeans are descending apart.

Denim A-Line Mini Skirt With Chevron Patchwork (ASOS, $50.16)


A chevron, patchwork denim dress is substantially a many ’70s desirous square on this list (especially when interconnected with that striped sweater) though it we chuck on a good t-shirt, corpulent booties with tights and a leather jacket, you’ve got an amazing, irritable outfit.

RACHEL COMEY Composite Top (La Garçonne, $162.50)


At first, this tip looks like it could be linen or another breathable, light fabric. The structured, dim denim is malleable by a lighter rinse and a patterned isn’t too overwhelming.

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Patch Detail Roll Cuff Girlfriend Jeans (Nordstrom, $128)


Again, a good span of patchwork beloved jeans is a approach to go if you’re only starting out incorporating them into your wardrobe. Plus, a twin toned rags supplement a good abyss to differently plain slouchy jeans.

Current/Elliott The Stiletto Ankle Jeans (Neiman Marcus, $288)


Okay, we had to chuck in some Current/Elliot jeans in here since they 1) are customarily impossibly on a nose of trends and 2) they have so many opposite styles, it’s tough not to embody one.

Boohoo Patched Denim Jacket (ASOS, $32.25)

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While we wouldn’t indispensably acquit a Canadian Tuxedo skirt/jacket combo, a coupler itself is unequivocally great. The patchwork is conspicuous adequate to be trendy, though pointed adequate to not demeanour like we raided your mom’s closet.

SoHo Jeans Patchwork Pencil Skirt (New York Company, $35.97)


Patched denim skirts can be unequivocally tough, though this one is suuuuuper chic. we wouldn’t indispensably have left as billowy on top, though a small volume never harm nobody.

Milk It Denim Patchwork Clutch (ASOS, $27.50)

image1xxlLike we said, denim patchwork can unequivocally come from anything. This purchase is indeed sincerely vast and ideally slouchy. It can substantially be interconnected with most everything.

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