3.1 Phillip Lim

January 9, 2018 - fall Denim

Phillip Lim has been feeling for a good outdoor lately. Since shopping a residence on a North Fork of Long Island, New York, a small over a year ago, a engineer has been bringing his nation vital ways to work. “It unequivocally started with these shoes,” pronounced Lim, indicating down to his rubberized clogs, an surprising hybrid of Birkenstocks and Crocs he’s christened “The Ben” after his 1985 Mercedes hire wagon. The engineer is no foreigner to a nauseous shoe trend (he’s collaborated with Ugg in a past) and a stout soles done for a constrained new substructure to his latest 3.1 menswear collection. Other eye-catching standouts in Lim’s salon enclosed reversible puffer coats finished with frail shirting element and a friendly fleece coupler collaged with harvest-inspired imitation prints—think, still life images of leeks and cauliflowers—just a kind of outdoorsy pieces that style-conscious guys would wish to stone in a city.

Hipster irony has turn something of an mania in conform lately, with immature designers riffing on a trademark materialisation and Instagram accounts dedicated to documenting feign goods. Lim had a fresher take on ungodly motifs, with several tees and turtlenecks that were lonesome with a quirky allover imitation of his profits from a farmer’s market. He also gave a classical father jean a good makeover; his chronicle is usually somewhat high-waisted and cut from tender sapphire denim instead of faded blue. As always, a best looks in a lineup seemed as if they been swiped true off a designer’s back, with shirts and pants expertly layered adult in twos in a approach that seemed effortless. Lim done his oversize stylings probably foolproof this season, building special effects—double collars and waistbands—into many of a pieces. As a stream trend for health goth rigging starts to decline in a city, these garments will offer a friendly and soulful remedy to athleisure.

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