3 On Your Side: Thanksgiving Shopper Advice

November 27, 2014 - fall Denim

By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Remember when Black Friday used to be a large kick-off to a holiday selling weekend?  Well now with some-more and some-more stores opening on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday is some-more like a mid-point!   So 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan offers some recommendation before streamer out to a mall.

Black Friday will be a large understanding during many stores.  Emelia Canas of Best Buy says, “We go by some severe training with a employees, we practice, we make certain they know where a line is going to go for a customers.”

But an estimated 25 million Americans won’t wait for Friday, they’ll be selling on Thanksgiving Day.  Kathy Grannis with a National Retail Federation says, “Millennials adore a thought of selling on Thanksgiving Day night.  They can leave their parents, they can embankment a pumpkin pie, shun doing a dishes, and conduct out with their friends to go see what kinds of deals retailers are offering.”

Most Walmart stores will be open all day Thursday with a best deals rolling out between 6 and 8 p.m.  Best Buy and JC Penney will open their doors during 5 p.m. While Target, Kohl’s and Sears are opening during 6 p.m.   Many malls will open during 6 p.m. too.  Among them, Cherry Hill, Moorestown, King of Prussia, Lehigh Valley, Montgomery, Oxford Valley, Quaker Bridge and Christiana malls.

High-end sports rigging is going to be renouned this year.  Lauren Blanda with City Sports says, “The trend that we saw with reward denim over a final several years where people were peaceful to compensate 150-200 dollars for a span of engineer jeans, now we’ve seen that trend with yoga pants.”

Warm continue in Oct harm tumble attire sales, so design copiousness of deals as stores try to pierce merchandise.

But it competence be tough to find a discount on unstable practice monitoring apparatus like a Fit Bit.  Demand is high given many now couple directly to a Smartphone. John Kelly with City Sports says,  “It can be your normal bland practice patron as good as someone who is intensely into decathlons and triathlons.”

Also quite prohibited this holiday season, any sell associated to a Disney strike film Frozen.

If you’re doing many of your selling online, FedEx and UPS have apps that can assistance we lane packages.  But there are other apps too.  The Parcel app can lane shipments from 240 smoothness services.  While a Slice app can even forewarn we if a cost drops permitting we to get a cost adjustment.

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