4 Chicago Shops Share Fall’s Top Denim Trends (& How to Wear Them)

October 28, 2015 - fall Denim

This fall, embankment your spare jeans and take a new conformation out for a spin. “What started out as a conform trend, a spare jean, is now in a 12th year. So it is no longer a conform trend—it is a simple in your wardrobe,” explains Thomas George, owners of Highland Park’s E Street Denim Co. and a 40-year maestro of a denim business. That means it’s time to try another of a many stylish denim styles available, from high-rise flares to loose beloved jeans. Pros during 4 of Chicago’s tip boutiques exhibit a season’s tip denim trends and how to lift them off.

Handle With Care: Wear ‘70s Flares or High-Waisted Skinnies

“70’s flared denim is still going strong. For fall, we like this character in a frail blue denim. we would always span these with a forked toe heel, corpulent wedge, or platform. Steer transparent of flats. we consider flares are lovable with a rather cropped tip or something that hits during a waistband, or we could tuck in your favorite tee shirt or blouse.

Another trend we like is high-waisted skinnies. These demeanour good with many shoes. You could tuck them into boots [or] wear them with booties or lovable flats. They should strike around a ankle. Skinnies are also optimal for layering with equipment like a poncho or a prolonged vest with a tee underneath.”

-Brinton Coxe, owners of Handle With Care (1706 N. Wells St., 312-751-2929)

Krista K: Try High-Waisted Relaxed Styles

Krista K.

“There are a lot of good options in denim this fall—so many some-more than only simple spare jeans. Interest in high-waisted denim has been flourishing a final few seasons and this tumble is generally strong. Younger conform girls and 40-something moms comparison are embracing a trend. High-waisted styles span generally good with cropped tops and tops that strike a waist.

We are also saying a lot of adore for loose silhouettes. Rag Bone’s Dre character is a Krista K favorite. It’s a slim boyfriend. Basically not too oversized, not too tight—just cold and comfortable. Our favorite loose character from Mother denim is a Drop Out and from Paige it’s a Jimmy Jimmy. Relaxed, rolled adult denim looks good with slip-on sneakers or ankle booties.”

-Krista Kaur Meyers, owners of Krista K (3458 N. Southport Ave., 773-248-1967)

E Street Denim Co.: True Boyfriend Jeans Are a Next Big Thing

“From a conform standpoint, what is elaborating is an opening adult of a bottom [of a breathe leg]. You have rather of a aloft arise entrance into outcome and a some-more open bottom. That bottom can be anything from a boot-cut to a flare. It’s not a far-reaching jean since a bottom is open—they’re still job them a spare flare, a spare boot, and infrequently a spare boyfriend. It is still a clean, slight silhouette.”

“I consider what you’re going to also see into open is a lot some-more of a loyal boyfriend. It’s going to lay on your hip. It’s going to be a small bit some-more loose all a approach by a body. It’s not going to pin tighten to your leg all a approach down. You are still going to know that a chairman inside has a good shape, though it’s only going to be a small easier fitting. When we wear a beloved jean, we should tuck something in since a bottom is bigger, so we make a tip smaller.”

-Thomas George, owners of E Street Denim Co. (1876 First St., Highland Park, 847-433-0050)

The Denim Lounge: Break Free of Skinny Jeans Find a Good Tailor

The Denim Lounge.

“We inspire people to try something [other] than skinnies, like a true leg or spare beloved [jeans] that are a small some-more relaxed. Don’t be fearful to wear flares in a fall. Wear them with a cropped sweater [but] zero long.

We always tell a clients a many critical thing is to find a good tailor. we see so many bad tailoring jobs on denim. If you’re going to spend $200 [on a span of jeans], make certain we find a good tailor. Also, we always advise a business to wear [jeans] as many times as probable and afterwards rinse them inside out and line dry them.”

David Shelist, owners of a Denim Lounge (2039 W. Roscoe St., 773-935-2820)

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