5 Fresh Ways to Style Your Jeans Right Now

April 20, 2015 - fall Denim

Welcome to Denim Week! Over a subsequent 7 days, we’ll be highlighting a season’s biggest trends, hundreds of extraordinary outfit ideas, and consultant tips on how to select a best jeans for your shape. Keep checking behind for some-more denim ideas!

Jeans were creatively designed for masculine cowboys by Levi Strauss in 1873, though women now lay explain to as most of a denim marketplace as a boys. Though a twill creation has strike all from skirts to dresses, handbags to shoes, a classical span of jeans will perpetually be a wardrobe essential. Also, did we discuss they get better with age? How many pieces in your closet can explain that?

As is common with habit staples, a styling options are endless, though we’ve dull adult 5 looks that feel truly fresh—from retro flares to, yes, overalls.


The ’70s trend has taken a universe of denim by storm, ensuing in a slew of high-waisted flared silhouettes. Take a evidence from Frame Denim‘s tumble 2015 collection and character your flares with a silk button-down and suede accessories. A good span of these jeans will take we from a bagel brunch to an after-hours date night with a elementary change of shoes.


Boyfriend jeans might be slouchy, though they don’t need to be casual. Style your distressed, friendly jeans with ladylike flats and a blazer, like blogger Blair Eadie. This well-loved jean conformation might be borrowed from a boys, though styled like so, you’ll feel some-more Audrey Hepburn than James Dean.


One good wardrobe essential attracts another, and in this case, a good span of spare jeans and a striped T-shirt go together like peanut butter and jelly. Add a span of leopard flats in a brew and we adult a glorious quotient like blogger Bradley Agather. It’s an free demeanour that will final we from Memorial Day by Labor Day.


Denim cutoffs aren’t only for song festivals. To make these shorts city-appropriate, character them with a elementary white tee and a good leather jacket. Finish a demeanour with slip-on sneakers for a sporty twist, like blogger Camille Charrière.


Yes, overalls can be chic! Take your evidence from blogger Leandra Medine and keep a demeanour simple: a white T-shirt and sneakers will do a trick. Add some valuables and squeeze a daytime purchase to move a outfit adult a notch.

How do we character your denim? Let us know in a comments!

Photos: Indigitalimages.com, Atlantic Pacific, Luella June, Camille Over The Rainbow, Man Repeller

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