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March 26, 2016 - fall Denim

Tall library by Ouef NYC, accessible during Nubie.co.uk for €650.
Tall library by Ouef NYC, accessible during Nubie.co.uk for €650.
A berth from a Julien collection during Cuckooland, cuckooland.com
Sharks wallpaper during €26 per hurl by Albany Kids from wallpaperdirect.com
From a Denim Collection during Galerie, €39 per roll, galeriehome.co.uk
Set of 4 colour mounts, €62; cloak hook, €13; wall plaque, €90; and sideboard, €420, all during Next Home, ie.nextdirect.com
This string teepee is €155 from coxandcox.co.uk

Ciara Elliott suggests 7 crafty ways to get resourceful and artistic when formulation a ideal children’s bedroom.

Play with hardness

Two-tone will demeanour good in any room in a house, though this sold wallpaper has a demeanour and feel of denim and would be ideal for a small boy’s or teenager’s bedroom. It also comes in a dusky pinkish or green.


Get a look:

● Wallpaper from a Denim Collection during Galerie and is €39 per roll, galeriehome.co.uk

Simple Updates

Think 1970s orange and brownish-red would be a bit OTT in many bedrooms in your house? One of a best things about formulation a bedroom intrigue for kids is that we can hush your middle character posh and let your imagination run wild.


Get a look:

● Set of 4 colour mounts, €62; cloak hook, €13; wall plaque, €90; and sideboard, €420, all during Next Home, ie.nextdirect.com

Room to Grow

When transitioning a kid’s bedroom from baby to toddler to school-goer, and conceptualizing a space that will grow with them, consider of liquid areas that will adjust to fit their opposite needs. A space that starts as a caricature and sketch space can eventually grow into a full-blown task area so a ‘study nook’ is a must.


Get a look:

● The high library shown is €650 by Ouef NYC and accessible during Nubie.co.uk

Base Camp

If each play date during yours starts with a unavoidable conflict cry of “let’s build a den!”, you’ll know how most kids adore to emanate their possess private hideaways. Protect a disorderly raid on your washing sideboard and let their hypothetical adventures take off in a teepee or indoor tent instead.


Get a look:

● This string teepee is €155, coxandcox.co.uk

Writing’s on a Wall

Whether they’re for personification noughts and crosses or pinning adult flattering postcards, celebration invites and save-the-dates, we can never have adequate brace boards, blackboards, white play and cork play when there are kids in a house.

Get a look:

● There’s been a genuine trend for portrayal out walls in blackboard paint though this square from Rowen and Wren has finished a tough work for you. Whitby Chalkboard Pantry Cupboard, €1,900, rowenandwren.co.uk

Clever Storage

Every home needs good storage solutions though when it comes to kids’ bedrooms and playrooms, there’s only too most things to incorporate. Look for beds with wheel drawers, integrated storage and drawers for storing garments and toys.


Get a look:

● This berth is stretchable as a under-bed space can also be used as a investigate zone. It is €770 and is from a Julien collection during Cuckooland, cuckooland.com

In Full Colour

Whether we like honeyed dainty prints, ditsy nautical emblems or anticipation woodland designs, there are so many shining ideas in wallpaper now that, we name it, we will find it. There’s presumably no improved approach to start building a intrigue for your room.


Get a look:

● We adore this Sharks wallpaper by Albany Kids that is €26 per roll, wallpaperdirect.com

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