7 Fashion Essentials to Create Eternal Style

April 10, 2015 - fall Denim

“Fashions blur — character is eternal.” ~ Yves Saint Laurent

Style is how we are recognized. Style is a initial impression. Trends come and it’s fun to take partial in a new. However, character is a everlasting. There are certain concepts and pieces that are timeless. Take a concepts and pieces and make them your own! For fun, we used images mostly intertwining a styles, to uncover how vast a options truly are!

Monochrome: Black and white

Coco Chanel desired it. Janelle Monae lives by it. The black and white demeanour now creates a stylish demeanour with a aptitude of class. All black with white contrasts. Black and white patterns. Color blocking. This monochromatic demeanour can be pulled off in a crowd of ways.


Kendra of Closet Confections is discriminating in this black and white dress.


I wore this classical tinge multiple to a vocalization rendezvous to emanate a complicated look.


Kendra shows us black and white stripes finished right.

A Pop of Color.

You can never go wrong with a cocktail of color. A splendid color. A valuables tone. Neon. Add a splendid span of boots to your monochrome demeanour from above. Get a blouse or chemise in this seasons “it” tinge and wear it with a blazer.


NYC conform stylist Betty Gulko pairs her black and white dress with a purchase that has a spirit of neon. The tinge is not overwhelming, though we notice it!


Betty Gulko’s cobalt blue dress adds conduct branch character to her look.

A Blazer.

Speaking of blazers. Every lady should possess a blazer. I’m articulate a blazer that doesn’t go with your fit set. This is a matter piece. A blazer creates purify cuts and flatters all physique types. Depending on a color, a blazer can supplement a cocktail of tinge and be a eye throwing piece. It can also vacate an outfit if we hang in a black-navy-gray realm. A blazer now dresses adult any look. It’s also a ideal tumble appendage for those days when it’s 72 and cool. Blazers come in so many several cuts and lengths, formulating so many stylish looks!


Kendra’s blazer gives her a nautical look!


Betty Gulko pairs a black dress with a floral blazer for a good transition into spring.


Skinny jeans. A denim jacket. A denim skirt. Denim shorts. Dark denim. You can’t go wrong with denim. It can be a infrequent demeanour or dressed adult with a blazer. Wear your favorite span (the ones that we feel good in!) with some heels and we are good to go. Dark denim is versatile and looks good day or night. Add a small denim to your wardrobe!


Betty Gulko shows us how she wears denim on denim.


Sarah Chiwaya of plus-size blog “Curvily Fashion” is prepared for a weekend in her unsettled denim.


Kendra is prepared for comfortable continue fun in this flirty denim dress.


Betty Gulko mixes adult her maxi dress with a chambray top.

LBD. The small black dress.

Own one. Rent one. This dress is not usually a matter piece, though also a go to. When in doubt, wear your small black dress. A small black dress looks fanciful on everybody and is good for any occasion. Cocktail party? Wear a black dress with artistic detailing. Date after work? Wear a black dress to work and move matter valuables with we for after 5P! Business meeting? A black dress and a blazer always looks professional.


Sarah Chiwaya shows us how she turns her LBD into weekend character with fun moto boots.


My French Connection LBD is updated with white piping. Available for rent, on ItsAModelCitizen.com.


Chanté N. of The Closet Freaks shows us her small black dress style.

A Statement Necklace.

Funky jewels. A head-turning shape. An array of pearls. Whatever your imagination – possess it in a matter necklace. Statement necklaces supplement an additional oomph to any outfit. If we are bashful – it creates a good review piece!


Kendra’s splendid celebrity is illustrated by her outfit! Her Lenora Dame necklace completes a look.


Kendra’s Lenora Dame matter necklace is a review square – from a lovable critters to a confidant baubles, there’s a lot to get people talking!


Gaby Yosca, Special Projects Manager during Gerard Yosca, wears this Gerard Yosca square to emanate a stylish look.


Red lipstick. A red dress. Red shoes. A red clutch. we don’t caring what object it is, though a lady should possess something in red. It’s such an alluring tinge and now adds that va va to a voom.


Betty Gulko in an eye-catching red dress.


Kendra shows us how stylish red accents make any outfit.

Show me how we incorporate your character by pity on Instagram or Twitter! Use a hashtags #ModelCitizen #WhatsInYourCloset so the stylish village can see your good style. Use the platform, Model Citizen, to lease good pieces to assistance we emanate your almighty style!

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