8 Things to Know About Stella McCartney’s Fall 2016 Show

March 7, 2016 - fall Denim

Stella McCartney showed her Fall 2016 collection in a Opera Garnier today. McCartney sent out puffa coats, oversize dresses, lots of denim, and quirky swan imitation blouses for a animal lovers out there. Here, 8 important happenings from a show, while we wait for Nicole Phelps‘s full review.

1. As always, Sir Paul sat front quarrel during daughter Stella’s uncover today.

2. Damaris Goddrie non-stop a uncover in a copper velvet, puffer cape– 3 trends in one—and pleated culottes.

3. Puffers continued to be a executive theme, nearing in belted, cropped, and hulk shapes.

3. Stella McCartney competence not use animal skins or furs in her collections, though she will use them as a print. This season, swimming swans came patterned on wide-leg gray trousers and ethereal pleated skirts.

4. Denim lovers, good news: McCartney’s edging up, tie-dye dress is a genuine day-to-night winner.

5. McCartney continued her explorations in long-over-long silhouettes, display trip dresses over culottes and tunic sweaters over skirts.

6. McCartney used thick jersey to furnish saturated dresses that have a palliate of a sweatshirt.

7. Models’ hair was split low on a left and swept into a disorderly chignon—all a improved to uncover off a singular earrings many wore on a runway.

8. The event’s entice featured a light adult ticker fasten with a summary “See we during a show” with any guest name.


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