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November 11, 2016 - fall Denim

Is it usually me. or has this week upsurge by? A week ago we was wailing how we couldn’t trust it was indeed November, and now… it’s roughly MID-NOVEMBER! Thanksgiving is in accurately dual weeks…and afterwards it’s a holidays.

Miami conform blogger wearing a jean midi dress and sweeping headband for fall

This year, it seems like everybody immediately jumped from Halloween to Christmas and while we confess that some of it creeps adult on me too, we unequivocally usually wish to take a notation and suffer FALL before diving into a holiday season. we mean, THANKSGIVING! we adore Thanksgiving. Turkey, family, tumble leaves… give it all. (Oh yeah, and did we discuss a pecan pie?? Bringing behind a chocolate pecan cake this year, definitely.) When we styled this look, we consider we had Christmas on a mind too… a infrequent holiday demeanour maybe. As we always say, here in Miami, when it comes to tumble we have to improvise. A sweeping headband and booties can customarily take a many pleasant of looks and now make it fall-worthy. For instance this dress… we could simply stone it in a summer. A integrate of appendage tweaks and voila… it works. If you’re in a colder climate, I’d suggest throwing on a turtleneck under, or layering it with a cardigan.

Speaking of this dress… isn’t it fab?? we adore a small denim dress. The midi length and waist tie make it super flattering! It’s usually unequivocally singular and a great, infrequent square that we can simply dress adult or dress down. Plus, we can’t kick a price, it’s usually $29.90.

But behind to a holidays… these days, it seems that we’re all in a rush. Rushing here, rushing there, using to this meeting, responding that email, perplexing to do it all. We’re always in hurry, aren’t we? Sometimes it seems like life is rushing by… and we unequivocally need to take a notation each now and again to suffer it, take a low exhale and conclude where we are and what we have. Put down Instagram, stop looking during Facebook, spin your email alerts off and usually relax. Spend time with your family and friends. Enjoy a moments we have and where we are in a lives. When we’re in a rush, it’s easy to forget to be grateful. And isn’t that what a deteriorate is all about? Being grateful? we consider we should all make it a priority to take a notation to be beholden for a blessing in a life during a dispatch and discord of a holiday season. Who’s with me?

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