A Denim Brand for a Cerebral Streetwear Connoisseur

February 12, 2015 - fall Denim

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Cerebral menswear engineer Siki Im has done a name for himself as an ideas personality for menswear in New York. His final collection was formed on nomophobia—the fear of being but your mobile phone. But his cult following and penetrating eye for streetwear—that same collection also featured custom-painted Vans slip-ons that had a cold kids in a assembly drooling—have led him in a somewhat opposite instruction for his new code extension, Den Im, that debuts in a second deteriorate exclusively here. “Den Im is an prolongation practical line,” Im says. “And actually, zero crosses or diffuses a categorical line—although both lines can be ragged together. If Siki Im is ragged during a week, afterwards Den Im is ragged on weekends.” Consisting of selvedge denim, dropped-crotch joggers, side-zip sweatshirts, jersey tees, and reversible bombers (priced from $150 to $875), Im says his impulse for a line was a “new draftsman.” There will also be a singular run of made-in-Portugal sneakers in partnership with Number 288, a usually square not done in a USA.

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