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May 14, 2015 - fall Denim

Philadelphia sneaker collectors rejoice. Inconspicuously wedged between a nursing uniform emporium and a now gone Armand’s Records during 1106 Chestnut Street, Lapstone Hammer — a latest sell charity in reward sportswear, is scheming for a soothing opening Friday.

Lapstone Exterior The 4,000-foot space will exchange all from coffee list books, men’s bathing products, Japanese denim and domestic European footwear, to men’s opening wear and reward sneakers. The space is also given with a sizeable gallery space and passageway pop-up area.

And if ideal space weren’t already adequate to stir customers, Lapstone Hammer has been distinctively given by sought-after liberality engineer Kate Rohrer.

“I wanted to emanate an upscale, worldly offered knowledge for sneakerheads. This was about formulating a higher-end sell space for Philadelphia,” says Brian Nadav, a shop’s owner, who is in a routine of renovating a building’s masquerade to a former Art Deco glory.  

The emporium is named after a lapstone and a hammer, normal collection once used by cobblers to arrange shoes. The purpose is to elicit a days of yore, when makers meticulously crafted products by hand. 

Lapstone Cobbler Shop To illustrate a theme, Nadav has consecrated in a arrangement window, a cobbler’s seminar to benefaction deconstructed iconic sneakers from a final century. Included in this showcase will be a 1917 Chuck Taylor, a initial basketball shoe. The designation is even versed with a selected Singer appurtenance from a Clarks factory. He hopes a designation will tell a story of a juncture of aged and new, a thesis embedded via a boutique. 

Deconstruction reconstruction

1106 Chestnut Street is a wise home for Lapstone Hammer. The Market East passageway is a really verbatim essence of deconstruction and reconstruction, where foundations and facades counterpart out of construction zones from behind a deceive of dirt and debris. John Connors of Brickstone Realty has invested hundreds of millions of dollars on this retard alone.  

Nadav hopes to float a call of mercantile kick pouring into a neighborhood. “They’ve been articulate about this Market East restoration now for decades, given we was a kid, from City Hall to Independence Hall was a passed zone. It’s finally entrance to life,” he said. “I’ve been watchful for this retard to turn. We wouldn’t put this kind of investment into a space that is not ours, where we could be kicked out during any time.” 

The building has portentous beginnings. It was home to one of America’s initial pharmacy chains, Evans Pharmacy, in a early 20th century. Famous for their 49-foot soda cocktail bar, Evans’ sole over 1,000 soda pops any day.

In 1933, a building altered hands and became a initial home of Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Shoe Store. Dr. Scholl’s consecrated Chicago-based designer Markham Ashberry to figure a skill into an Art Deco marvel. Ashberry alien from Germany black Vitrolite, a complicated constructional glass, to emanate a backdrop for a thesis of sunbeams and flora fashioned from copper and nickel.

From a 50s by a 70s, 1106 was home to Pauline’s Bridal shop. City Blue took over a building in 1981 and sealed in 2014 to revive a building.

Paulines When pieces of a black Vitrolite began to tumble from a building final year, Nadav private a whole façade. He is in a routine of restoring it in and with a Philadelphia Historical Commission.

“It’s a plan that I’ve been operative on for a past dual years in terms of concept… presenting it, operative with Kate [Rohrer] on a design, presenting it to vendors, shutting down a City Blue plcae that was here, and saving this whole building.”

A “sneakerhead” is born 

Like his building during 1106 Chestnut, Brian is no foreigner to retail. He’s been operative in it probably his whole life. His father, Joseph Nadav is initial partner of civic sell sequence City Blue, founded in Philadelphia in 1981.

As a kid, Nadav worked in a City Blue batch room. He changed adult a rungs to turn a sneaker salesman in center propagandize and high school, and was promoted to manager of their Trenton, New Jersey, plcae for a few years. In 2007, he became a boots buyer. In new years, Brian has spearheaded a assign of renovating and modernizing City Blue. Today, he runs a 23 stores underneath a City Blue umbrella. 

Lapstone Brian NadavLapstone Hammer is clearly a passion plan for Nadav, who’s means to clap off a sneaker’s history, construction materials and informative impact like a ball label gourmet relays actor stats.

Nadav sensed a changeable landscape in streetwear toward boots early on.“In a 80s and 90s, City Blue’s business was 80 percent attire and 20 percent footwear. Today, it’s some-more like 70-30 ideal boots to apparel,”

In fact, years ago, he began to put aside batch from City Blue’s Air Jordan releases. He’s given amassed 2,000 pairs of rarely desired Air Jordans, many of that will be accessible for VIPs to squeeze in a private room upstairs.

“Initially we was putting one span of any shoe aside. we thought, because don’t we put 6 pairs aside? Then it snowballed and we was putting divided 12 pairs of any crazy release. Let’s put 24 aside. Let’s put 36 pairs aside.”

In a sneaker industry, Lapstone Hammer is famous as a “pinnacle shop”. In other words, they will accept products that 99 percent of other sneaker retailers will not. This includes singular book runs and discerning strikes. Expect to see lines around a dilemma this Saturday for a rerelease of a Jordan VII Hare, a sneaker that has not been accessible given a premiere of a 1996 film ‘Space Jam’. 

One obvious apex emporium is Ubiq, located during 1509 Walnut Street. “They take a childish approach. They’re from a streetwear, movement background. The judgment here was to take an elevated, worldly proceed to deliver handmade leather shoes, a things that we are disdainful with. Lapstone Hammer was built to interest to a some-more mature, some-more worldly crowd.”

Nadav is formulation a Jordan restock for a finish of May when he’ll siphon 300 pairs of “crazy singular book shoes” into a ecosystem, all during box price. He hopes to hoard honour in a sneaker community, as he could simply sell these boots for $500-$600 per pair. He’s permitting business to collect out one span for box price.

He says of intensity resellers, “ Those kids are always going to come out. Every sneakerhead wants to be an entrepreneur. They get dual pairs. They sell one for triple a price. It pays for their shoe. It’s their small business, that we consider is great.” 

Lapstone Hammer will open to a open on Friday, May 15 during 10 a.m. 1106 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. 

A debate of Lapstone Hammer

Lapstone  HammerThe interior, designed by Kate Rohrer, is a curtsy to aged meets new. The front of a store has a birthright feel, with Japanese denim and handmade Italian leather boots from Dutch designers. The behind of a store is complicated and sleek.  

Lapstone The Blind Barber In further to attire and footwear, Lapstone Hammer is offered men’s bathing products from The Blind Barber and Hudson Made. Nadav is anticipating to move The Blind Barber in for a pop-up eventuality after a emporium opens. 

Lapstone Sneaker Room The high contrariety ‘Sneaker Room’ is given with fine white marble flooring, white walls and black leather furniture. 

Saucony during Lapstone Saucony is bringing behind a Saucony originals line, bringing out a birthright runners. Doing them adult in cold materials and musty colors,” says Nadav. 

Roshe Run Lapstone and Hammer A Roshe Run from Nike is on arrangement in a front of a store. 

Lapstone Big Ben The front of emporium facilities tradition shelving from Ben Johnson of Manayunk’s Workerman Gallery.

Lapstone Denim Lapstone Hammer offers Japanese denim code Naked Famous as good as leather motorcycle jackets from Schott, credited with inventing a initial zippered jackets.  Scott Moto Jacket Lapstone

Schott’s classical jacket, “The Perfecto” was ragged by James Dean and Marlon Brando.

Lapstone High End Shoe Wall An array of domestic boots from Dutch brands Vico and Filling Pieces. Both lines are done of Italian leather. Chuck Taylor and Gorilla Boots are also on arrangement in this section. 

Lapstone Ceiling Medallion “People only don’t build like this anymore,” says Nadav of a embossed insignia popping from a ceiling, a impulse from that Lapstone Hammer’s trademark is crafted.

Lapstone offered bag and logo

Paulines during Lapstone A 1,000 square-foot gallery can be accessed by french doors in a behind of a shop. Nadav has named a gallery space ‘Pauline’s’, after a spousal emporium that operated there in a 50s-70s. He will use this space as a amicable component for product launches, artist collaborations and other special events. Nadav is even trying his palm during conceptualizing disdainful product such as bomber jackets, denim and oxfords for a store. 

Paulines Bridal Shop Sign The iconic neon Pauline’s Bridal Shoppe pointer has been taken down from a other finish of a building on Sansom Street to be restored. Nadav tells PhillyVoice that neon backer Lenny Davidson was astounded by a unusual craftsmanship of a sign. 

Lapstone Pauline Sign 1The word “Bridal” is fashioned from one run of tube, a singular occurrence. Nadav will hang a pointer in a gallery once it is repaired. 

Lapstone Ceiling A perspective of a easy Art Deco attract infused via a shop.

Lapstone Pop Up ShopLapstone Hammer skeleton to use this space as an prolongation of Pauline’s. It will also duty as a VIP room for private buyers looking to squeeze batch accessible from Nadav’s safe of singular book Jordans. The space is also DJ booth-ready.

Sneaker Castle 2

View of Pauline's

A window upstairs in a passageway looks out onto Pauline’s, a gallery space in a behind of a store.   

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