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December 10, 2017 - fall Denim

Adam Lippes recently changed house, relocating from Greenwich Village to Brooklyn Heights. His mind has been on interiors of late—those of a French interior engineer Madeleine Castaing and his own, that are sensitive by a mythological grande dame. Castaing, who combined spaces for a likes of Jean Cocteau and Roger Vadim, is remembered for her brag use of patterns (leopard especially, though flowers, as well), a clarity of tone both intrepid and whimsical, and an individualist personal glorious succinct by her pageboy wig.

Everything though a pageboy found a approach into Lippes’s new Pre-Fall collection. A connected waterproof raincoat in cheetah was overscreened with splendid spots, and a sensuous floral settlement Castaing elite was reproduced as both a imitation for a silk top-and-skirt set and a 3-D festooned prolonged dress. The decorator’s dear cornflower blue silk moiré became a one-shoulder, tiered celebration dress, while another delegate was cut from a pointed immature chartreuse, if indeed chartreuse can ever be called subtle.

Not all was designed for Castaing enthusiasts. There was a shearling-trimmed jean coupler done from strips of soothing Japanese denim, a common black string midi dress, and elastic-waist string pants definitely of this impulse in their athleisurely mien. But Lippes’s indicate of disproportion is his decorator’s eye for sensuous settlement and luxe materials. Take, for instance, a Chantilly edging dress assembled from slight strips of fabric, any of that were away painted in opposite shades of indigo, or a smock-waisted series done in silk and leopard dévoré hand-painted in soothing pastels. Castaing would’ve been in heaven.

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