AMBUSH’s Yoon Ahn Speaks About a Inspiration Behind Her Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

January 24, 2018 - fall Denim

For a Fall/Winter 2018 collection, AMBUSH explored a new area shabby by childhood memories in a good outdoors, sketch impulse from inlet and all inbetween. We held adult with Yoon Ahn, one half of a twin behind AMBUSH’s, to hear her take on a collection as good as a brand’s preference on expanding from valuables into apparel.

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Why did we select a thesis of movement for your Fall/Winter 2018?

I went out to Oregon, Seattle for work and we haven’t been behind in 7 or 8 years. Whenever we have time, it’s we vacation time and we didn’t wanna go behind to sleet so we was seeking object and water. we had some business there, so we suspicion ‘why not, since not go home?’ while I’m there. I’ve been vital in Tokyo a past decade now so only going behind into a inlet and a water, it was bringing behind so many memories and creation me romantic in a good way. It’s something we haven’t unequivocally felt in a prolonged time, I’ve been vital in a city for a prolonged time. So we wanted to move behind that feeling we used to have when we was flourishing up. It’s like those things we used to make any other, those loyalty bracelets, we suspicion it’d be fun to reinterpret that.

How was a receiving a news of being on a shortlist for a LMVH prize?

I’m thankful! We indeed finished a tiny attire collection afterwards who would dream we could indeed make it into a finals of LMVH. we was only happy that they saw intensity in us and what we’re doing. And that did assistance us to uncover what we do to a wider audience. we don’t cruise a lot of people knew that we were starting to make attire since we cruise we’re some-more famous for a jewelry, so in that approach it unequivocally helped.

What finished we initial confirm to do apparel?

It wasn’t so many like ‘let’s do apparel’, it’s only that when we fire demeanour books in valuables since each valuables and collection has a story, and something that we realised was that we were regulating other brands garments and it only didn’t make any sense. You’re sharpened your possess demeanour book. So we suspicion ‘ok, let’s only start creation during slightest tops or something as a canvas’ and that was a start of it. From that it was a healthy progression. When we make a tip you’re like we need a jacket, we need pants, we need a shirt. We had ideas and we feel like it was assisting us to communicate a story in a clearer vision.

That sounded unequivocally function-based, though a garments are still utterly design-led. It wasn’t like a white shirt and blue jeans.

No, we meant seriously, there was a story about Halfsac (sp?) kids with a photographer Karl Hennings. We finished a garland of denim since that’s what a kids were wearing. Then it only finished clarity to use denim as a board for a china valuables and that was a start of it, like ‘let’s make denim jackets let’s make jeans.’ At slightest it’s ours in a print and not like someone else’s.

So is a concentration still valuables for we guys?

It’s over that now. It started with a valuables though we cruise it’s unequivocally flourishing in that sense. We only wanna get a ideas out. Because even a presentation, it’s a second time doing a display like this, before we used to only uncover in a salon and we realised with my knowledge that certain visuals we have in your conduct that we put towards a collection, we only can’t explain verbally. Then we realised ‘oh, a music, all of this is so critical to only tell a whole thing. Ok, so it doesn’t make clarity to do a catwalk show, since we wish people to go adult and see a sum and a jewelry, so let’s start with a display so they can see a whole vibe in some-more insinuate settings.’ That’s some-more personal to me, we can indeed travel around and speak to people like we and it’s not all ‘fast, fast, fast, you’re done’

What are some of a newer things you’ve combined this season?

I cruise a sports component of a attire side. Apparel is still new to us so it’s fun. More accessories like hats, leather slot vests that we had, even a holsters we had on a pants, some-more accessories. Then for a jewelry, a lot of people know us for china pieces though we kind of wanted a some-more tellurian component to it, so we used handmade potion beads this time. Because Seattle used to sleet so many that we used to get dripping outside,  we was devising all a sleet drops descending off of you, and that’s where all a beads and all came together. Even when we demeanour during a beads unequivocally closely, all is all opposite since it’s handmade. we like that! It’s not ideal and not ideal is unequivocally tellurian and that’s what we wanted.

Why did we wish something some-more human?

It’s home! Home is somewhere we feel many gentle at. Childhood memories like that.

Talking about healthy progressions, you’ve finished presentations twice in a row, would we cruise a catwalk next?

If a thought fits we think, though we cite presentations. It’s nice, we can travel by people and be like ‘did we hold that, did we feel that?’ we cruise a tellurian knowledge is unequivocally important.

What are your skeleton for a future?

We’re doing something in Mar for Japan Fashion Week, it’s gonna be unequivocally fun, we’re doing something unequivocally special. Also there’s a unequivocally vital partnership entrance out with a sports code that we can't name though it’s gonna be major, so I’m vehement about that. I’m only vehement that all a garments we’re creation we can strech out to a universe now. Those things are unequivocally sparkling to me some-more than only another collaboration.

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