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March 19, 2017 - fall Denim

We don’t concede with a demeanour of a garment

In 2014, Lindex began a tour towards producing denim in a some-more tolerable way, and in tumble 2015 a association launched a initial Better Denim styles. In Spring 2016, this was scaled up. Cent per cent of Lindex denim is finished from some-more tolerable cotton: recycled, organic or Better Cotton. Anna-Karin Dahlberg, prolongation sustainability manager during Lindex, talks about tolerable choices in denim

You began your denim tour in 2014 with Better Denim styles. How has a tour been so far?

In 2014, together with a suppliers, we started out with screening a denim prolongation to class a environmental impact of a denim styles. The screening routine was upheld with imagination from Spanish denim consultants Jeanologia and a Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) software. Through a EIM software, a prolongation is scored as low, middle or high in environmental impact, and it is a apparatus that helps producers control water, appetite and chemical expenditure in production. Once we had screened a denim production, we started tweaking all tools of a processes to make it some-more sustainable. Washing recipes were optimised, some washings such as additional rinses were forsaken and other washes were combined. Together, these changes gave poignant results-in a prolongation of a initial Better Denim styles H2O expenditure was reduced adult to 45 per cent and appetite use adult to 27 per cent. Less H2O use also resulted in reduce use of chemicals. Of course, this work has compulsory a really tighten team-work with a few denim suppliers, and it couldn’t have been finished but a loyalty and imagination of a prolongation colleagues in Bangladesh and Pakistan. After a initial Better Denim styles were launched in Fall 2015, we implemented a changes in a whole denim collection and currently all of a denim styles for women and kids are Better Denim.

Then again in 2016, we launched Even Better Denim styles. How was it opposite from a progressing one? Tell us how it all started.

Almost 90 per cent of your denims are painted with a cleanest sapphire dye. Please tell us about a dye.

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