ARRINGTON: How to dress for any kind of continue on gameday

April 13, 2018 - fall Denim

Rain, sleet or shine, in reduction than 10 days, Husker lovers from all over a state will be attack Memorial Stadium for a Spring Game. With your tickets prepared and white sneakers spotless up, it’s time to brainstorm outfit ideas.

Shoutout to Nebraska for carrying bipolar continue and being a means of my miss of a open wardrobe. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wrapped adult in sweaters until about dual days ago. With a Spring Game fast approaching, many of us won’t have time to go selling for a ideal outfit. Plus, who knows what a continue will finish adult being like?

I’m bringing we 3 outfit ideas for a arriving gameday that accommodate a usually dual mandate that matter in Nebraska: red and prepared for any kind of weather.

Outfit #1


Mikayla Arrington pairs a jersey t-shirt and a red denim coupler to uncover off her Husker suggestion outward of Memorial Stadium on Apr 10, 2018 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Our initial outfit is honeyed and simple, not to discuss ideal for sleet or shine. As shown in a pictures, this outfit pairs black high-waisted denim with a cropped jersey. You can reconstruct this demeanour with any jersey, t-shirt or Husker trademark tip we already own.

I adore pairing red Husker rigging with black denim over blue denim given it elevates a look. Black is slimming and creates each outfit demeanour fancier. Grab your favorite black jeans, enclose whatever red trademark t-shirt that’s in your closet, edging adult your white sneakers and you’re roughly prepared to go.

What creates this outfit cocktail is a red denim jacket. Recently, a conform universe has been amatory solid-colored pieces. Examples of these pieces would be a clear, yellow sunglasses that are all over Instagram, boots that are one plain tone and colored denim jackets. These plain tone pops yield an accent square to any outfit.

What’s easier to incorporate than an all-red piece? You can barter a coupler out for a smart eyeglasses if we already have a pair. The denim coupler is light adequate to forestall persperate if it’s prohibited and thick adequate to strengthen we if it’s windy.

Outfit #2


Mikayla Arrington styles an outfit for a Red and White Spring football diversion during Memorial Stadium on Apr 10, 2018 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dig out your garments from football season, it’s time to lift out that pleated dress once again. In a fall, we wrote a column about gameday outfits. If we took my recommendation and bought a pleated skirt, you’re in luck. The pleated skirts are here to stay for during slightest one some-more season.

The easiest approach to character your pleated dress is with a trademark tank top. A black or white Huskers tank tip will demeanour best with a red skirt. Only have a plain colored tank? No worries, only supplement a fun appendage like a matter necklace or unclouded red sunglasses.

For simplicity, all of these outfits can be ragged with white sneakers. They go best with red and black, and they’re easy to wear when walking around a track or station in a bleachers. This outfit is easy and comfortable, and if it rains, we can simply chuck a sleet poncho over a top.

Outfit #3


Mikayla Arrington wears white sneakers as partial of her Red and White outfit outward of Memorial Stadium on Apr 10,2018 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Boutiques and Instagram influencers all over have been channeling their middle Beetlejuice vibes recently. Black and white stripes have been all a fury in pants, jackets and blazers. The confidant stripes are a matter of their own, and where improved to entrance a demeanour than during a Spring Game?

Outfit 3 is all about highlighting your stripes, either they’re on your pants or jacket. This is generally useful if it snows this weekend and game-day is colder than we’d prefer. If we have striped pants, we can span them with a plain red shirt and your white sneakers. An oversized red sweater would go ideally with a pants as well. To emanate a some-more discriminating demeanour with a oversized sweater, tuck it in during a front. This looks some-more put together and reduction like a sweatshirt and leggings outfit.

If we have a striped blazer or jacket, a same can be ragged in reverse. Style your striped coupler with a plain red shirt or tank top. To finish a outfit, we could wear blue denim given a coupler already adds a discriminating effect.

Often, we feel pressured to buy a new outfit for each outing. However, that’s simply not reasonable for college budgets, nor is it necessary. By piecing your favorite tumble pieces together with Husker striking t-shirts and your favorite span of sneakers, you’re gameday prepared for free—no matter what a continue brings.

Xoxo, Mikayla


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