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December 7, 2014 - fall Denim

To foster his initial array of designs and start his conform career, Marquis Turner will be hosting a conform uncover Saturday, Dec. 13, during a Goodyear Clubhouse in Atco.

Scheduled to run from 6 to 8 p.m., a uncover calls for light semiformal or complicated infrequent dress and will underline dual collections. Items from a collection will be for sale during a show. To support Toys for Tots, Turner also is seeking attendees to move an unwrapped new fondle for donation.

“I’m going to do a widespread for a summer of 2015 and for a tumble of 2015. So I’m going to do blue jeans, that is going to be denim with a customization and all else that we do, and afterwards I’m going to do white jeans with a portrayal and customization and all that we do from that point. And I’m going to have dual dresses featured in that show,” Turner said.

Although he has not nonetheless begun strictly study fashion, Turner pronounced he has knowledge conceptualizing for himself and operative with Curve Appeal in Atlanta, that showcases fashions for plus-sized women. He pronounced he initial deliberate a career in nursing, though began to change his mind after creation his possess clothes.

“I started carrying a doctrinaire flourishing passion for it. At initial we wasn’t going to pull brazen with it. we mean, we would do it only [to] make me mount out from everybody else,” Turner said. “Then my auntie upheld in June, so that unequivocally only put a fuel adult underneath me to go forward and do it. So we was like, since don’t we only go forward and recover my possess wardrobe line, name it after her, and start off like only vital a dream kind of thing?”

The line, named yElla Enchanted, will be a conform show’s concentration with women’s clothing. Turner pronounced he skeleton to do a uncover during a summer for group and children.

Plans to attend American InterContinental University in Atlanta are in a destiny as well. Turner pronounced he intends to vital in business administration and teenager in conform merchandising.

“I wish to build a code since we wish to get to a indicate where we can solemnly turn a consultant — to where we can have a team. … we wish to get to a indicate where we can only deliberate and I can manage, and that’s where a conform sell will come in. But on a other hand, we have a business government on how to run a brand, a details and outs of being a business chairman as well,” he said. Tickets for a conform uncover are $10 in allege and $15 during a door.

To squeeze tickets, hit Turner at
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or by job 678-719-5335.

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