At Home With Rosie

April 11, 2016 - fall Denim

DESPITE a fact that even her airfield style is unnervingly chic, Rosie
cares about being gentle as many as
the subsequent girl. The British-born indication – who grew adult in a Devon
countryside though is now formed in California – says she wants to be
comfortable all a time, though admits some concessions contingency be made
in a name of style.

“Comfort is unequivocally critical to me, and it’s critical to
everyone,” she nodded, “but there has to be some compromises in
certain situations. Sky-high heels always demeanour a best, though they
are never going to be a many gentle boots we own.”

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Named a initial tellurian envoy for Ugg final week,
Huntington-Whiteley is displaying her go-to change of comfort and
style – silk shirt, leather trousers, black slimline Uggs – as she
welcomes us to her cabin during Soho Farmhouse, where she has spent the
last few days. So was a Devon plantation she grew adult on identical to the
rarefied farming sourroundings in that we find ourselves today? “Not
quite!” she laughed. “No, it was anything but. Where we grew adult was
very, unequivocally rustic, unequivocally rural. Just a small lodge in a center of
nowhere. It was my parents’ dream to have some animals and have an
organic farm, and so that’s how we grew up. Very sheltered.”

Although we don’t see them during home, we like to suppose that
stars tumble into dual camps in terms of their attire: those like
Donatella Versace and Dita Von Teese who famously never concede the
façade to dump – wearing heels and swift eyeliner even as they
climb into bed – and those who are some-more like us: occasionally
sporting comfort equipment that they wouldn’t caring to be seen in
outside their possess home. So that stay does Huntington-Whiteley
inhabit? She’s somewhere in a middle.

“I always like to feel put together,” she said. “I wish to
feel gentle and cosy, though we also don’t wish to be embarrassed
answering a doorway or if friends dump round. So maybe a James Perse
T-shirt, bottoms from my Rosie for Autograph range, a cashmere wrap
from a Ugg operation – only loose pieces. I’m make-up free, my
hair’s tied back, but, we know, we still wish to feel

“My residence is so special to me, it’s what we work for,” she went
on. “The sourroundings we emanate in my home, and a adore we have there
with friends and family, means that’s unequivocally a place we feel
most gentle and relaxed. But, also, we spend so many time in
the UK – I’m here about once a month. It was unequivocally critical to me
when we altered to a US that we keep in hold with who we am as a

While many models bond with brands with that they have no
obvious synergy, Huntington-Whiteley’s code partnerships are only
ever with companies about that she speaks enthusiastically of
their inflection to her personally. Marks Spencer, that
bastion of a British high street; Paige Denim, for that she art destined a latest shoot; and
now Ugg – that speaks to both her coastal roots in Devon and new
life in Malibu equally.

Rosies Denim Rules

“I thought it was an Australian brand, though Ugg was
actually started in California by an American who saw these boots
that surfers wore when they came out of a H2O in Australia, and
that judgment became Ugg,” Huntington-Whiteley nodded, clearly
pleased to explain believe gained as she researched a brand. So
as someone who has always owned a span of Ugg boots over a last
20 years, when many of her famous peers were wearing them with
velour tracksuits, how has a model’s approach of styling them

“There’s not unequivocally any disproportion in how I’d wear Uggs now
versus how we wore them when we was younger,” she told us. “People
always say, ‘Your character contingency have altered so much,’ though it hasn’t
really. In my giveaway time I’m a jeans and T-shirt girl, and that’s
exactly how I’d wear my Uggs. Obviously, my red-carpet style, or my
on-the-go character is a small some-more dressed up, though that’s what’s
really fun about this partnership; since it represents a side of
me that people don’t customarily get to see.”

Rosie's Diamond Confirms Engagement

Living in LA with long-time partner Jason Statham and working
all over a universe could lead some to feel away from their
homeland – though a Vogue cover girl goes to substantial bid to ensure
this doesn’t happen.

“It helps,” she laughed of either carrying a British fiancé has
helped her contend her accent. “Plus a lot of my friends there are
British or European, nonetheless we consider we unequivocally give people a hard
time for losing their accent. we mean, it happens. If we live
somewhere, we unequivocally collect up, maybe reduction so a accent, but
definitely a approach people contend things, a intonation. It’s a way
it is. But, it is critical to me to keep my roots. I’m incredibly
proud to be British.”

And with that, she’s roughly prepared to conduct behind to a airport,
but not before imparting another gob of Ugg wisdom.

“No one puts on hosiery with Uggs,” she smiled, wrinkling her
nose. “No one does. Who puts on hosiery – what would be the

Have we been wearing them wrongly all these years?

The Return Of The Ugg Boot

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