‘Back to a Future’ style: McFly or McFail?

October 20, 2015 - fall Denim

Lenticular color-changing cap. Self-lacing Nike sneakers. Auto-adjusting and auto-drying jacket.

Marty was flattering McFly for a 1985 guy. But did a second film get a futuristic fashion right? Thirty years later, we check in to see if Back to a Future, Part II successfully likely the trends of 2015:

Metallic accessories: Absolutely McFly

They competence not be color-changing, but a red runner is full of starlets who know how to stone a lead dress. Iridescent accessories were prohibited during Paris Fashion Week this year, with lead texture popping up on shoes, dresses, purses and even a occasional headpiece. Marty was a trendsetter for all things shiny.

Double neckties: Huge McFail

Two ties is usually too many. This is a Back to a Future moment that we wish never escapes a china screen. Better to hang with a singular tie, or improved yet, lift a Clooney and go sans tie entirely.

Helmet hats: Only McFly on a bike

This demeanour wasn’t usually miscalculated, it looks officious uncomfortable. For a some-more stream spin on this headwear, a fedora such as the one Johnny Depp sported during a Toronto International Film Festival competence be the ticket. For women, wide-brim floppy felt hats are also an on-trend approach to equivocate helmet hair.

Radical face paint: Totally McFly

From a slew of song festival body paint to ASAP Ferg’s possess origination on his face during New York Fashion Week, face paint is really trending in 2015. We’re not so certain about those bangs, though.

Inside-out jeans: Most unpleasant McFail

Pockets should never exist outward a pants. Doc Brown was really mistaken when he told Marty, “Pull out your pants pockets. All kids in a destiny wear their pants inside out.” But if we occur to be a denim lover, a runways were a feast of quirky denim trends this fall, from patchworks to mega-flares.

We’ll cut a film some tardy for a far-out determination of 2015 style. After all, it’s unfit to contend what will be prohibited subsequent season, most reduction 30 years out.

We would like one of those hoverboards, though.

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