Bear hugs, beer, advice: Tech and non-tech weep flitting of Bill Campbell

May 9, 2016 - fall Denim

Bear hugs. Beer. Friday happy hour during a Old Pro. Advice. More bear hugs.

That’s usually some of a ways that Silicon Valley and many others chose to remember Bill Campbell, a male who was nicknamed “Coach” and suggested some of tech’s biggest players, including Apple’s Steve Jobs, Larry Page of Google and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

He died progressing currently during 75 of cancer.

As we noted progressing today: “He was also an tangible football manager during Columbia University proceed behind when, that got him his famous nickname. It was a good one, given he was a go-to authority as a kind of CEO whisperer for vital total in tech, generally when they had troublesome issues to understanding with.”

Mostly, Campbell was usually a unequivocally decent man, with tiny ego and a good of munificence in an attention many in need of it.

Below are some of a dozens of emails we received, many of that are from outward Silicon Valley. (I wish we could embody them all, though we got dozens and dozens.) we also combined some tweets, as they are innumerable too.

In a meantime, there will be a commemorative use and a lot of good memories to be shared.

Emails and Posts:

Sheryl Sandberg: we met Bill during my initial week during Google. Having been assured by Eric Schmidt to detonate on a rocket ship, we had assimilated Google though it was not unequivocally transparent what my pursuit indeed was. we was ostensible to be a “business section ubiquitous manager,” though there were no business units and therefore we had zero to manage. we met Bill in a run of a usually building. His initial doubt was: “What do we do here?” we had no genuine answer so we went into a prolonged reason of what we used to do during a Treasury Department and what we suspicion we competence do one day during Google. He listened impatiently and pronounced again, “What do we do here?” we paused and said, “I don’t unequivocally know.” And he said, “Well, we improved figure it out. No one cares what we used to do or what we wish to do — usually what we indeed do.” It was virtuoso recommendation that we never forgot. He helped me and many others figure out what we did during Google – and over a subsequent 6 years we incited to him over and over for advice.

Ron Conway: Bill was a family male and good crony to so many. The many “giving” authority around a table. Never hesitating to share recommendation with so many, and some who became legends in their possess right given of Bill’s mentoring and advice.

Susan Wojcicki: In my Grace Hopper speech, we talked about an eventuality we wanted to attend though wasn’t invited and how someone some-more successful than me intervened and done certain we was there. That authority was Bill … He was a good disciple of women and farrago in organizations and consider that is a good instance of how he helped women leaders like myself.

Tim Armstrong: Everyone will cover how he coached a CEOs, though what he unequivocally did was press CEOs to build and manager their teams. He was a group manager as many as he was an particular coach.

Larry Cohen: One thing we will hear from Claris employees was how he would travel a halls and by a cubicles all a time — would ask to see work on products and would get vehement and give a biggest hugs and punches in a arm. Was impossibly emotionally invested in peoples work and careers — like no other.

Shishir Mehrotra: Bill had been frequently assisting us out for months during that indicate — advising me and several group members 1-1, as good as attending residence meetings, etc. His impact was utterly large, and we satisfied that we had never concluded on a remuneration structure for his work. In one of a meetings, we asked him how he would like to hoop that. He fast replied, “Don’t worry about it, we don’t need anything, we do this given we wish to.” we pushed a bit harder and he said, “Look, if we insist, we can give me something. But I’m usually going to give it divided to charity. But I’m here to assistance we regardless of what we decide.”

Nirav Tolia: Bill was on a residence of my initial company, Epinions. He hated to join boards, though he did it for us given we begged him to do so. As my CEO coach, we had a payoff of assembly with him a few times a month for 3+ years … He called himself a “dumbass football coach,” though apparently few knew improved how to build teams and renovate those teams into good companies. While he coached me, he also coached Jobs, Schmidt, and Bezos — so we used to provoke him about “coming over to a dumpy team” when he visited us during Epinions. But he always done a group and me feel special and loved.

Diane Solinger: While we now work during Google and lead Google’s worker giving and volunteering programs, we met Bill when we was a Executive Director of a American Heart Association. Bill was afterwards a CEO of Intuit. we remember how open he was to accommodate with me and beam me by concepts that enabled us to build one of a largest American Heart Walks in a country. We would accommodate for lunch (nothing fancy; boxed salads or sandwiches) in his bureau and he’d assistance me know a nudges and reinforcements that motivate people to proffer and give. His believe and his straightforwardness influences me to this day.

Bob Soltys: Billy and we were roommates vital in a Alpha Chi Rho companionship residence on W 113th St. during a 1960-61 CC propagandize year. We, and a series of a AXP brothers, were/are Catholic and Billy suspicion we should all attend daily 7am Mass during a internal RC church (Church of Notre Dame) adjacent to Morningside Park. Our initial nod was NFW, Billy insisted as usually he can, and we agreed. Though a large understanding during a time, it was a comparatively tiny scapegoat — that we came to improved conclude over time. That memory has stranded with me all these years and we know we am a improved authority for it. we also know that Billy is with God now — and substantially kicking some donkey adult there as well.

Lucas Duplan: A lot of people substantially know Bill helped beam and manager some of a Valley’s best CEOs. What they might not know is he was equally peaceful to take a call of a 22 year-old stanford child operative on his initial business, not when it was clearly headed for success though utterly a opposite, failure. After we/I started removing kick adult by a media, he invited me to his house. He showed me his integument — where he kept a garland of family photos — and as we walked around he put his arm around me and said, “Ignore a rubbish online. You’re an businessman and if it’s not this company, it’ll be a next.” He afterwards looked me true in a eyes and said, “Duplan, have we review Ben Horowitz’s book, “The Hard thing about Hard Things.” “Yeah,” we said. “Good, now in 10 years we can write one and we should call it: How to fuck adult a association and come out whole.”

Summit Shah: we was advantageous adequate to quickly work with him during his keeper years during Columbia. As an undergrad (Columbia Engineering to be specific, SEAS 2008 in Biomedical Engineering), we was on a University Senate and got to work with a Trustees on Budget work, though never got to work directly with Bill. we went to a President’s residence (Bollinger) for an eventuality and met him there. He was carrying a smashing time and we came adult to rigourously deliver myself and spent a good hour or so articulate about a university, infrastructure, and how to make a conditions between administrators and students better. You could tell he truly cared about it, generally in a college that had gaps within a system. It was a poetic and sparkling moment, generally to get a believe and recommendation of someone who helped build some of a many absolute tech companies in a world.

Colleen Fedor: Billy was a unequivocally decent, KIND, HARD WORKING, HONEST male who favourite Bud Light, told it like it is (swear disproportion and all!) and who was intensely inexhaustible with his good fortune. He never forgot his roots and has done a extensive disproportion in a lives of scarcely each family in Homestead, West Homestead and Munhall. His contributions to a propagandize district and a neighborhoods are too countless to list. And, over a financial grant was his care — he taught us with his example, how to plea a standing quo and how to make a disproportion … all for a good of a kids.

Clay Baker: When Bill was CEO during Intuit my ex-wife was operative there as a Senior VP. While on a business trip, she collapsed in an airfield and was sent to an ER in New Jersey. Bill called me immediately to explain what had happened and afterwards he put me on a private craft to go get her and move her home. we had dual tiny children during home and it was looking unequivocally expected that we was about to turn a singular parent. She not usually survived a distress and medicine during Stanford, given of Bill’s discerning action, though we had one some-more child together. we owe him a career we had during Netscape, my mother and a daughter, and many more.

Dan Rosensweig: Bill had a proceed of revelation stories that helped we know a conditions and concentration on creation improved choices. Among my fav: Bill was ill though called and asked me to go for a walk. we pronounced I’ll be right over. He pronounced no we will take a practical travel in a phone. Uh oh — where we going? Back behind a woodshed! He had listened we was loath an a tough call and wanted me to know that we already knew what to do — and loitering doesn’t make it easier or improved and that we indispensable to do it then!

Kathleen Clark: Although we haven’t oral to him in some-more than 20 years, we always believed that one day we would collect adult a phone and listen to his wit and wisdom. He was a singular multiple of force of inlet and humility. He won’t be replaced. we met Bill when we was a product manager building a initial handhelds and tablets for Compaq in a early 90s. During that time, we spent a lot of time during GO evaluating PenPoint and a team. Every assembly with Bill was an event. He would rivet and discuss and ask and push. we know he is mostly described as a manager though he was so many more.

Patrick Keane: we was during Kleiner looking to lift $ for Sharethrough and ran into him and he gave me a bear cuddle and literally carried me off a ground.

Bob Longo: One of my favorite memories of him was when we changed to Palo Alto and Bill and we attended St. Thomas Aquinas Church. Bill was a unchanging during a early 7:30 AM Mass, where we once listened someone fondly impute to him as, “The Mayor of a Back of a Church.” He would always come in fashionably late and mount in a behind of a Church. And afterwards after Mass, some-more people were lined adult to shake Bill’’s palm and speak to him than a bad pastor.

Harrilyn Harris: we was a paralegal outward his bureau during Go. And when he would detonate out of his bureau with unrestrained and fun about a swell of a startup or whatever “bug report” he had usually perceived from a engineers, it was like a enchanting impulse on corporate row!

Sara McCaffree: we had a good happening to accommodate Bill when he was coaching my bosses. As a squalid admin, we didn’t design him to give me a time of day, many reduction cuddle me AND a receptionist! He done an clarity wherever he went. He was unfailingly kind, deferential of everybody no matter their “station,” and had a celebrity that radiated for miles.

Marcia Kadanoff: we worked with Bill in 3 opposite settings. He was my initial (of 13!) VPs of Marketing during Apple and a usually one value a damn. we attempted to do a understanding with him on interest of Apple when he was CEO of Claris. While a understanding never happened, he was instrumental in reshaping my meditative on business growth and how to put together win:win deals, a template we have used around my career. we saw him go to GO as CEO and age 10 years in his initial year there; even he was not defence to a highlight of using a startup.

Karen Catlin: As critical as he was to Silicon Valley bigwigs, Bill Campbell also done time for bland people. Last year, my son was a writer for a high propagandize radio show, and one of his responsibilities enclosed bringing people into their itty bitty recording studio to share their career stories. we had worked for Bill during GO Corporation over 20 years earlier, and we offering to deliver my son to Bill. we suspicion to myself, a misfortune that can occur is he ignores me or says no. Well, he indeed pronounced yes. He spent roughly an hour on that radio show, congested into a studio no bigger than a powder room with 3 teenage boys. we will perpetually be beholden that he took a time to do so.

Bradley Horowitz: we mentioned that we was about to turn a step-father, and he illuminated adult and common that he too was a step-father. And we spent a subsequent 90 mins articulate about that role, what it meant to him, some things we should consider about as we embarked on a journey. At no time did we hold on “business.” We spent a whole time together focused on what it means to be a father. This was a large partial of what we took divided — he believed and used that we couldn’t be a good personality though being a good authority first. And so each communication with him prioritized that.

Phil Shumway: Maybe not a first, though positively a best sales personality during Apple Computer, Inc. during a midst 80s. All of us margin sales people remember Campbell’s good attitude, outreach, and singular character during that time.

Mark McClain: we was saddened to see a news today. As a former Columbia football actor (2010-2013), to contend we owe a lot to Bill would be an understatement. During my time, Bill would mostly attend use spending time jolt hands and chatting with players. As his health declined, he still showed an unimaginable joining to a module even creation an coming this past Oct during a alumni homecoming dinner.

Lenny Mendonca: My best memories, however, were a quarterly beers; swapping between a Old Pro and my place in Half Moon Bay. Stories, delight and articulate about sports and beer. Always left feeling inspired. The final time we saw him during his house, we suspected it would be a last. we went behind to my automobile and cried as we gathering away.

Dennis McCleary: He was my position manager and recruited me from Buffalo to come to Boston College. My father died when we was 11, so Coach was like a father to me while during BC. The stories of things he did for me were incredible. From grouping birthday cake for me during Spring Practice given my mom called him and asked him to do so, to him removing insane during me given we was wearing a denim coupler during Feb (because that’s all we had) — so he gave me an Athletic Dept. document for a bookstore to get a winter coupler (“You’re no good to me with a using nose!’) Tough adore though effective.
My automobile pennyless down, he helped me. My mom couldn’t means to stay in a hotel room for a games, so she stayed in my dorm room while we were off campus in a hotel. Somehow, Coach found out, we got hollered during and subsequent diversion she was in a hotel. Hope a NCAA government of stipulations ran out.

Kevin Czinger: In a summer of 1978, we was operative construction during a World Trade Center (Vista Hotel) in Manhattan. At a time, Bill coached football during Columbia and we played during Yale. we was sleeping on a friend’s unit building and unctuous into Columbia’s gym to lift. we was held one dusk by security. Bill walked adult — we didn’t know who he was — and asked what was going on. When we explained my situation, not usually did he get me out of a genuine difficulty, though also gave me a summer gym pass to a football lifting room and helped me find a room (with a bed!) during a Columbia football fraternity.

Bud Colligan: we worked for Bill as Director of Higher Education Marketing during Apple in 1985. we was new in my position and a discussion we put on with all a bigwigs from aloft ed didn’t go so good — usually inexperience. we left immediately after a discussion for vacation and disturbed a whole time we would be dismissed when we returned. Upon my return, Bill called me to his office. we thought, “Well, we theory this is it.” He asked me how my vacation was and afterwards we incited to a conference. He wanted to know what we had learned. we told him and he looked during me and said, “Great, let’s get behind during it.” we was so relieved when we walked out of his office!

Rob Chandhok: I’ve famous Bill given he ran Claris (remember that?) and we connected partially by both being from Pittsburgh. Here’s a male who would be unresolved with some of a richest in a world, though when he got behind to his home city he would conduct to Chiodo’s in Homestead, where drafts were $.50 and a folks from a steel indent would hang. Nothing ever got to his head.

Barbara Craycroft: we review your essay on Mr. Campbell after conference about his genocide this morning. Although we usually met him once and unequivocally briefly, in one of his favorite bars (of course), we am usually so saddened by his death. we wish that in further to his accomplishments in business, we will discuss a umbrella adore that he had for his hometown. Bill’s bequest in a community, Steel Valley, is that he not usually materially gave to us, though that he set such a good instance for a kids. Ironically, usually yesterday, my daughter and we were pushing by a new “field of dreams” that Mr. Campbell financed on a proceed to a soccer game. She is unequivocally vehement to be means to play on that margin subsequent tumble in 9th grade. As we gathering by, my daughter (who is 14 and also an determined singer) done a comment, “Mom, if we ever make it big, I’m going to be like Mr. Campbell.” we wish that either she creates it large or not that she is a tiny like Mr. Campbell, never forgetful where she came from and desirous to give behind no matter how large or small.


Apple: Bill Campbell was a manager and manager to many of us during Apple, and a member of a family for decades as an executive, confidant and eventually a member of a board. He believed in Apple when few people did and his contributions to a company, by good times and bad, can't be overstated. We will skip his wisdom, his friendship, his amusement and his adore for life.

Intuit: It is with low unhappiness that we share news that Bill Campbell, a dear former authority and arch executive officer, died this morning. Mr. Campbell was famous around Silicon Valley, and during Intuit, for personification an inspirational purpose in building relations that encourage creation in a industry.

Lee Bollinger, Columbia University: we can't start to harmonise a matter that entirely expresses a disgusting clarity of detriment we gifted early this morning when Bill Campbell upheld away. Bill was a dear alumnus, football coach, Trustee, former Chair of a Board of Trustees, and, above all, a crony and source of eternal fun and warn to everybody who knew him. Columbia will perpetually remember Bill.


And here’s a three-minute reverence to Campbell around his initiation to a Silicon Valley Hall of celebrity final fall:

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