Burleigh Beard Co. markets oil for men

May 4, 2015 - fall Denim

Beards are zero new in North Dakota. But how group are wearing their beards is changing.

In an bid to support to a flourishing brave culture, internal store owners Ryanne Pappa has started Burleigh Beard Co., that sells a homemade brave oil and wardrobe line in Bismarck.

Pappa bought Annex 208 in downtown Bismarck in a fall, branch it into Exposure Boutique and Studio E. She got meddlesome in brave enlightenment from following another brave oil builder on Instagram and motionless to make some oil on her own.

“When we had a storefront to sell it, we motionless we was going to do it,” she said.

Pappa has scents she sells year turn as good as several anniversary scents, including her best seller, Whiskey Lumberjack. Other renouned choices are Northern Experience and Missouri Midnight. She worked with internal microbrewer Laughing Sun to make a Feast Like a Sultan IPA oil out of a brewer’s bound oils.

“It smells a bit like drink with a spirit of citrus,” she said.

Pappa started offered a oils in Dec and pronounced they are a many renouned object in her store. Around Valentine’s Day, she had 6 women come in privately to buy it.

“Men’s bathing has grown fast in a final few years,” pronounced Andrea Birst, owners of Glance Salon Spa in downtown Bismarck, that carries a hair and skin product line for men.

Pappa took Burleigh Beard Co. a step further, expanding to clothing.

Burleigh was a play on words, as a products are done in Burleigh County and are matched for rugged bearded men. The scents are outdoorsy and a wardrobe line follows that with lots of plaid and denim.

“It’s really lumber-sexual,” Pappa joked.

Recently, a owners of DN Cinematics, who favourite Pappa’s product, helped her take Burleigh Beard Co. a step further, producing a video of lumberjack-like group sawing logs and overhanging axes during Cross Ranch State Park.

The video has turn partial of a competition on Exposure Boutique’s Facebook page, with fans pity photos of their beards in an bid to win prizes, including brave oil, a belt buckle, soap and a shawl from another locally constructed wardrobe line, PLOW.

Burleigh Beard Co. products are usually accessible during Pappa’s boutique, 208 E. Broadway Ave., and on a website, www.exposure701.com. She pronounced all of a sales she has done have been in North Dakota, though she has deliberate indiscriminate or selling to internal hairstylists.

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