But What Clothes Do You Truly Wear? The Real-Life Wardrobes of Vogue Editors

April 26, 2016 - fall Denim

Like an ripping volcano of denim and satin, a tidal call of cashmere and cotton, a garments bluster to pass a little apartments, to bury us alive underneath tees and trousers. This wouldn’t be so bad, maybe, if we indeed wore all this stuff, if 365 days meant 365 opposite outfits—730 if we altered for evening! But nooo. In fact, many of us rest on a few favorites in critical rotation, withdrawal a rest of a orphans in a closet vagrant for crumbs.

To decider only how serious this conditions has become, and with open in full flower and a enticement to buy still more!—more!—beckoning from each emporium and laptop, we asked some of my Vogue colleagues to share with me what it is they indeed wear from their ripping closets. we will go first: Though my one-bedroom is filled with armoires whose doors haven’t close in decades, we rest on maybe 8 floppy, smock-y dresses and a same series of tutus to get me by life.

I competence be notoriously quirky in my predilections, though we am only another lady when it comes to this numbers game. “I would contend that we wear about a entertain of a equipment in my closet,” Jane Herman, Vogue’s Branded Content Director, tells me. “But a some-more critical statistic, perhaps, is that all we wear pares behind to a 10 (of about 140) pairs of jeans we now have on rotation. If it doesn’t go with whatever denim I’m into, we don’t wear it.” Chioma Nnadi, Vogue.com’s Fashion News Director, doesn’t contend possibly she too has 130 pairs of jeans watchful for a spin on a dance floor, though she does have a identical denim obsession: “Personally, a one thing we find myself rotating again and again is denim. I’m not a lady who likes to wear jeans each day, though when we do, it ends adult being denim I’ve had for years. we remember painful over a cost (over 200 bucks!) of these Chimala jeans, a imagination Japanese denim tag that we fundamentally have ragged maybe 500 times. we also have a span of 501s we scored on eBay for $15 that I’ve ragged to shreds.”

Vogue.com Contributing Editor Michelle Ruiz adds her voice to a blue chorus: “I fundamentally re-wear a same Rag Bone high-rise spare jeans, Vans slip-ons or Everlane loafers, and possibly a black Theory short-sleeved cashmere tee, a striped shirt from HM (quickly removing usurped by my new La Ligne ringer tee), or a sleeveless tee from J.Crew,” she says, commanding a whole business with “maybe a white or black Theory blazer if I’m creation some-more of an effort.”

Likewise, Fashion News Writer Liana Satenstein alleges evocatively that she “lives in a room a distance of a food cart, with garments ripping out from underneath my bed, on tip of boxes, and infrequently we nap on a bag of (clean) laundry.” When she ventures out of this diminutive haven, she is clad in a same 3 or 4 jeans (a fat flare, dual black skinnies, and some selected pair) and a same volume (or less) of shirts, especially a Ferrari square from Canal Street and a white Hanes tee. “I get spooky with pieces: we have this aged cropped Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger tank my mom got from Marshalls about a decade ago that we wear about 3 or some-more days a week in summer.”

But not everybody is calm to misbehave in an aged Hilfiger tee. From opposite a pool in London, Vogue.com Chief Critic Sarah Mower lists 20 stylish equipment she now relies upon: all from an oversize Vetements coupler and an electric blue Comme des Garçons headband to a Pucci by Peter Dundas navy nautical blazer with coronet buttons and Yves Saint Laurent chinos by Stefano Pilati.

Alessandra Codinha, Vogue.com’s Fashion News Editor, thinks that she has grown adult adequate “to stop selling equipment of wardrobe as a gourmet competence (items we desired even if they didn’t demeanour so prohibited on or had no genuine unsentimental place in my life) and to start selling as a person, first, one who has a pursuit and a life that requires her to wear clothing.” Which means for fall, her camel cloak and leather jacket, white T-shirts, and white button-downs, and in summer, white dresses, blue jeans, white sneakers, black block-heeled ankle boots, block-heeled slides, and white Birkenstocks. “It’s not that exciting, that we theory is a point, really,” she says.

And Vogue.com Market Editor Kelly Connor is such a jeans lady that she depends on black super-high-rise Imogene Willie stovepipes: “I have them in dual sizes so that they are always there for me (fattening holidays notwithstanding).” She swears that as temperatures rise, she will eschew these denim buddies in preference of trip dresses, ragged with “Converse high-tops in black and in white (the dingier they get, a better!), and we am on a surveillance for a cold prosaic to make them feel new again.” But she won’t be pairing these ethereal threads with her entire Gucci fur slides—such a exile strike that on a Neiman Marcus website they are back-ordered for Nov delivery. (Don’t ask me how we know this.) “They were really arguable these past few months,” Connor declares, “but now they are way too sweaty!”


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