Butts on a Runway Don’t Even Shock Us Anymore

June 15, 2015 - fall Denim

The masculine models walking a runway for London-based brand Sibling had an warn for uncover attendees on Saturday: a look during their behinds.

Upon branch during a finish of a catwalk, some of a models displayed cut-outs during a tip of their pants that left their bums unprotected for all to see. 

The meditative behind a boundary crack, a designers hinted to Dazed and Confused’s Trey Taylor backstage, was to move a hold of released frolic to a masculine body, eroticizing an component of a masculine physique that routinely doesn’t get a lot of attention. 

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Source: Catwalking/Getty Images

But on conform runways, nakedness — for group and women, of each and all physique tools — is indeed apropos increasingly commonplace. At Men’s Fashion Week in London this week, designers Craig Green and MAN’s Rory Parnell Mooney also played around with exposing a masculine body.

The runways of a past year have been filled with some-more strength than we can remember ever saying before, from breast-shaped bags at Lemaire’s Fall 2015 uncover to prints featuring intertwined bodies at Christopher Kane’s Fall 2015 show. Pam Hogg went scarcely full-frontal for her Fall 2013 womenswear show, and Marc Jacobs sent Kendall Jenner down a runway for Fall 2014 with a see-through top that left small to a imagination.

The piece de resistance, thoughwas engineer Rick Owens, who warranted a hashtag #DickOwens in Jan after presenting masculine models with peepholes cut strategically during their crotches, displaying their penises as they done their approach down a catwalk.

All of that creates boundary cracks seem comparatively tame. Fashion invariably tries to amp adult a “wow” cause in a enlightenment that’s turn too accustomed to nudity, to a indicate where not most shocks anymore. After all, Alexander Wang’s denim ads featured a totally exposed model, but a span of jeans in sight. Even a sheer, gem-encrusted dresses celebrities wear are radically “naked dresses,” as Refinery29 called them — and those are out in public.

What do we do when you’ve already sent exposed models down a runway? Do we keep on doing a same? Or do we do as they did during Sibling, and only tinge things down with some cheek?

h/t Dazed and Confused

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