CalSERVE releases all-female executive line-up for 2015-16 ASUC elections

March 3, 2015 - fall Denim

On Monday night, CalSERVE expelled a executive line-up of possibilities for a 2015-16 ASUC elections — all of whom are women.

Current CalSERVE senators Yordanos Dejen, Lavanya Jawaharlal and Melissa Hsu, and eccentric senator Marium Navid will run for a offices of president, executive clamp president, educational affairs clamp boss and outmost affairs clamp president, respectively. All possibilities are also women of color.

“We unequivocally prioritize experience,” pronounced CalSERVE media coordinator Denim Ohmit. “You don’t wish to send a rookie into a diversion when a bases are installed and it’s a bottom of a ninth.”

Dejen, a youth majoring in authorised studies and racial studies, is executive of a Berkeley Student Foundation and a counterpart educational advisor with a campus Educational Opportunity Program. Although she is a black village deputy in a senate, Dejen pronounced that a problems of a black village are not removed and that she will encourage discourse among students and administrators to urge a campus climate.

CalSERVE binds 3 of a 4 executive seats on senate, with Justin Kong as EVP, Caitlin Quinn as EAVP and Mon-Shane Chou as AAVP. CalSERVE traditionally seeks to offer historically underrepresented groups on campus.

Her platforms embody revitalizing a UC Berkeley knowledge with an affordable unison array for students and utilizing a new Lower Sproul space, that is set to open in a fall. Dejen pronounced she wants to exercise a six-year food-security devise and combined that students need “a some-more contemplative financial assist package that covers a picturesque lease cost as good as income for meals.”

ASUC President Pavan Upadhyayula, of Student Action, also ran with goals involving alleviation of tyro life, nonetheless his other platforms enclosed compelling partnership in a campus’s enlightenment and augmenting a ASUC’s transparency.

Jawaharlal is a youth majoring in automatic engineering who is a corporate relationship for a ASME, a multitude for engineers, and a boss and co-founder of STEM Center USA, that aspires to motivate children to investigate science, technology, engineering and math fields. She aims to yield tyro organizations with a credit label module and rise a Lower Sproul room-reservation system.

“The opening of a new Lower Sproul is going to be such a useful time for students in fall,” Jawaharlal said. “My prophesy is to make certain that this 24-hour investigate space … is successfully accessible to students.”

Navid, a youth majoring in molecular and dungeon biology and Near Eastern studies, is a chair of a campus Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian Coalition and a tyro organizer with a Council on American-Islamic Relations. She has knowledge lobbying officials trimming from campus administrators to state legislators.

Navid pronounced she wants to quarrel for affordable housing for students, disciple educational equivalence in internal schools and safeguard that students are a partial of a review about a university’s governance.

Hsu is a UC Berkeley Haas School of Business youth who serves as a clamp boss of veteran growth for a Haas Business Student Association and a owner and chair of a Rest Zones Working Group, that aims to yield rest zones for students around campus.

She pronounced she wants to safeguard that students have a stronger tie with their educational advisers and are wakeful of accessible educational resources.

“I’d like for students to have a personalized highway map so they know how to grasp their goals,” Hsu said.

Additionally, she wants to work with a Student Store to yield affordable e-books and emanate an affordable laptop-rental module for long-term leasing.

CalSERVE has not nonetheless announced a parliament slate. Student Action announced a senate and EVP candidates Sunday, and SQUELCH! announced a senate candidates Feb. 16.

The 2015-16 ASUC ubiquitous elections will take place Apr 7, 8 and 9.

Angel Grace Jennings covers tyro government. Contact her during [email protected] and follow her on Twitter @angeljenningss.

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