Cameron Dallas Kicks It All Over NYC in Fall’s Best Menswear

April 2, 2016 - fall Denim

To those still uninformed with a amicable media powerhouse that is Cameron Dallas: Listen up. At his initial Milan Fashion Week as a guest of Calvin Klein, Dallas greeted his shrieking, predominately womanlike fan bottom from a balcony—conjuring adult shades of a early Fab Four, or, perhaps, some arrange of chiseled, cocktail enlightenment pope. Indeed, in certain circles, a Vine heartthrob does enthuse a nigh-religious arrange of fervour (ahem, 9.3 million supporters on a height and counting).

Radiating good vibes by approach of his SoCal upbringing, this modern-day happy prankster takes to a streets of New York in some of Fall’s many directional menswear looks—and carries them off with what we’re training is his signature unobstructed cool.


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