Cher and Future Duet for Gap’s New Fall Campaign: ‘We Had a Blast’

September 13, 2017 - fall Denim


What do we get when we put one of a many iconic womanlike performers of all time on set with the chart-topping rapper of a moment? A duet we never knew we needed. Unlikely twin Cher and Future group adult for Gap‘s latest installment of a “Meet Me in a Gap” tumble debate to make some strain together — and of march they demeanour unequivocally good in their Gap rigging while doing it.

In a video destined by a big-time Director X, a musicians “meet in a gap,” to combine on a one-of-a-kind cover of “Everyday People,” creatively by Sly and a Family Stone, any bringing their possess signature character to a 1969 hit. Catch a hide look shave of their delivery of a strain below.

“When Gap pronounced they wanted to group me adult with a immature artist we knew it would be unequivocally beautiful,’” Cher, 71, tells PEOPLE of collaborating with Future. “We had a blast together.”

For Cher, a character idol who is famous for wearing some of a many vast theatre looks of all time, being in a denim coupler and jeans on set felt healthy and comfortable. (Of course, she did wear a bedazzled bodysuit underneath.)

“I can’t even tell we how many denim jackets we have or how many I’ve had in my lifetime. we couldn’t tell we if we put a gun to my head,” she says. “My grandmother wore jeans, my mom wore jeans, we wore jeans my kids wore jeans. It’s something that has been in my life given we was a small kid.”


As for Future, whose 3-year-old son Future Zahir also modeled for Gap recently, a code has been partial of his DNA for a prolonged time.

“It’s partial of my DNA, flourishing adult wearing Gap and now to see my son wearing it and in a debate ties a whole family together,” a 33-year-old rapper tells PEOPLE. “They have something for each age, each chairman in a family.”

Courtesy The Gap

Future says he skeleton to save a leather coupler he wore in a debate for his son.

“With both of us being in campaigns for Gap we consider it would be cold to pass down that square of memory to him,” he shares. “Coming into this we wanted to have as most fun as he did.”

But a categorical prominence for a star was training from Cher on set.

“It was cold to work with someone who is in a attention though has such a opposite credentials and life from me,” Future says. “Our adore for strain unequivocally connected us. She’s a loyal performer and a legend.”


The rapper adds that a idol was friendly about pity her theatre believe with him.

“I couldn’t assistance though follow her lead and also ask her for a few pointers on theatre participation in front of a camera in this form of setting.”

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