Cody Simpson on His New Band Coast House & "Transcending" Stereotypes

October 31, 2015 - fall Denim

How do we conclude your style?

It depends where we am or what a weather’s like. we live in Venice Beach in California, a lot of my friends are unequivocally most in a same costal areas. So, it’s kind of a lot of a same things as distant as T-shirts, jeans and Vans or something like that. But as distant as being a musician, we get kind of a giveaway pass to wear what we wish or come adult with some cold signature things. So we unequivocally adore to do a lot of preservation shopping, we find a lot of denim and leather, and some collectible pieces, instead of always wearing black.

Why were we vehement to combine with a line like Ralph Lauren’s Denim Supply?

It’s an implausible code to be partnered with. we had never finished anything like this before. we was only in New York, we came by a Ralph salon becuase they were doing a presentation. we met photographer Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca there—he was a character—he took a print of me and after that they asked me to be a partial of it. we was stoked. we adore a clothing, we like a whole cultured of a line; we suspicion it would be a ideal situation. And we got a lot of cold denim garments out of it.

And Ralph Lauren’s famous for denim. Did we have a favorite span of jeans or jean coupler flourishing up?

Yeah, my father indeed gave me his coupler when we was younger and I’ve been wearing that a lot, and wore it by my teen years. we adore denim. Whenever we don’t know what to wear, we wear a denim jacket.

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