Comme des Garçons Shirt Men’s Fall 2018

January 28, 2018 - fall Denim

For those seeking entrance into Rei Kawakubo’s enigmatic world, Comme des Garçons Shirt is positively a deceptively easy gateway.

Kicking off with a cluster of youths in a Boy subset — smaller sizing, some-more childish cuts — in plain colors and ear-topped beanies, Shirt is a designer’s answer to a thought that a shirt is a theme prolonged mastered. There were ears everywhere, bouncing gently with each step though kept comely by dark piping, on shoulders and sweatshirts, that segued into appliqués of matelassé forms.

Further on, in Shirt proper, a thought of collage continued, with rags placed over and underneath in organic shapes. Those developed into panels hold behind by far-reaching buckled straps, ideal to hang hands in.

There was simplicity, though not complacency, in everything: Even a simplest symbol down, in a blue micro-gingham check, had squiggly buttons in primary colors. Another had a double lapel so cunningly cut that it felt definitely normal.

Near a center came shirts featuring 8 artworks by Jean-Michel Basquiat — Untitled, Cabeza and Ernok among them. These had a clarity that they were not only on arrangement though were integrated in Kawakubo’s visible discourse, with cascades of dots acrobatics down a back, or vast stripes fluctuating divided from a canvases to twist around a ribs.

It was tough not to recast a double layered frosty denim jackets as a form of contemporary magnificence descended from a double-breasted Comme suits a artist sported on Kawakubo’s open 1987 runway.

Nonetheless, those were also partial of a final organisation in that outerwear, fabric or synthetic leather dominated. Peeking underneath, we could make out a even easier shapes of Shirt’s Forever perennials.

A common thread in it all, from Basquiat to Boy — not to discuss Homme Plus — was a thought that a childlike cadence could be used to demonstrate worldly ideas. True in art, though also in comic books, as seen peeking on plasticized totes. The embellishment of a gateway holds: during Comme, it’s worlds nested within worlds within worlds. One tract hole that never needs filled: how easy it is to wear one of her Shirts.

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