Cowboy boots still roving high, generally for women

November 18, 2014 - fall Denim

Raleigh, N.C. — Boot trends come and go each tumble — over-the-knee, ankle, combat, wedges — though one foot remains, cool to flitting fads: a cowboy boot.

The cowboy foot entered mainstream conform commencement in a 1940s and 1950s, when actors like Roy Rogers glamorized cowboys onscreen. Its recognition has ebbed and flowed given afterwards (John Travolta, a star of “Urban Cowboy,” could be called a Roy Rogers of a 1980s), though has never left out of style. And in a final 10 years, a cowboy foot has gifted a new bang — generally among women.

Wade Allen, a owners of The Bull Chute Western Wear in Raleigh, North Carolina, says for years now, he has been offered some-more boots to women than to men.

“I never would’ve likely that 60 to 70 percent of my foot sales would be from offered ladies’ boots,” he said. “It’s turn a conform tack in people’s closets. It started when these suburban moms got into cowboy boots about 10 years ago and incited them into a conform statement. Since then, younger generations have embraced a foot as well.”

Durham, North Carolina, conform blogger Chanell Mitchell, 31, has embraced boots given she was 4, when she’d try out her father’s tan Justins. Now she buys her possess — and she’s prejudiced to vintage.

“Some of my favorite brands have been creation boots given prolonged before we was born,” she said. “I suggest a resole and a good Doctor Scholls insert, given many used boots will be ragged in and loved. … we used to buy selected and bake them out and pierce on to a new pair, though now we resole them.”

Mitchell now has 3 pairs in revolution — they’re tan, black and white. On her blog, 3 Fs to Live By (, she writes that cowboy boots have answered a lot of her conform dilemmas, and she poses for photos in several outfits with a span of Nocona White Calf boots.

Her favorite approach to wear boots?

“I adore a super pointy black cowboy foot with leggings and a white tunic or denim Chambray Shirt, with bullion bangles and a elementary bullion necklace,” she said.

Allen says his business also select outfits that prominence a boot.

“Most wear their boots with dresses, skirts, shorts or over spare jeans to uncover off a boot,” he said. “Guys only wear them underneath jeans.

“A male buys a span of boots since he needs them,” Allen said. “A lady buys a span of boots since she wants them.”

Designed in a mid-1800s by foot makers for ranchers, a cowboy foot facilities an underslung heel and high foot shaft, that stable a cowboy’s feet and kept them in stirrups while roving horses.

On a day of this year’s initial North Carolina State football game, internal sports radio celebrity Joe Ovies tweeted, “As we travel adult to Carter-Finley (Stadium), a integrate thoughts. 1) Cowboy boots are still a thing …”

Yes, they are. Even in a feverishness of August, all opposite a track immature women were embellished out in cowboy boots and brief dresses.

In fact, Allen pronounced many college girls collect adult their boots during his store privately for football games. He even carries cowboy boots branded with college logos only for that.

Larry Denny of Raleigh, who sells cowboy boots during his counter during a Raleigh Flea Market during a North Carolina State Fairgrounds, sees a same trend.

“A lot of college girls come and get cowboy boots from me,” Denny said. “The sales are best in a fall.”

Sales of used cowboy boots have been so good that Denny has started focusing on those during his booth. He buys his boots for as small as probable from yard sales and preservation stores, but, he said, infrequently his friends move them to him. His prices operation from $20 to $100 a pair.

“I have boots done from snakeskin or alligator skin,” he said.

Cowboy boots also underline a accumulation of toe shapes — pointed, block and round. Allen pronounced that many group go for a dull toe, and women cite forked or block toes.

“The forked toe indeed has no unsentimental use,” he said. “I suggest a block toes to horseback riders, though a forked toe is only a conform statement.”

Arlene Goldstein, clamp boss of trend merchandising and conform instruction for Belk, pronounced cowboy boots span good with frilly dresses and shorts since they supplement an astonishing corner to a delicate outfit.

“To me, a Western foot is roughly like leggings. It’s turn arrange of a classical in a South,” she said. “It unequivocally hasn’t left divided and has an extraordinary volume of staying power.”

Allen doesn’t consider a recognition of a cowboy foot will wane.

“There have always been certain aspects of a Western attention that are unequivocally trendy. But when trends come and go, certain things stay and turn staples,” Allen said.

“Cowboy boots have turn a staple, like ragged jeans are. we consider it’s since it’s Americana. Because of that, we can unequivocally see them being around forever.”

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