Criminal: Attempted Tax Fraud And Bra Rental Etiquette

December 16, 2016 - fall Denim

It’s been a bustling month for a Criminal Podcast. Host Phoebe Judge and her producers recently returned from a 14-city debate opposite a U.S. and Canada.

“I consider a favorite uncover was right here in Durham,” pronounced Phoebe, adding that she told stories on stage, though also did a sorcery trick.

Judge pronounced a live uncover was a good event to share some stories that are shorter than a ones featured in unchanging episodes. Two of those are on this week’s podcast.

In one, we hear from comedian Dave Holmes, who perceived a voicemail that set his heart racing on his approach out of a gym one evening. The tourist pronounced he was an IRS agent, and that Holmes was being sued. Holmes returned a call, and a voice told him he indispensable to handle $4,500 immediately, or he could have his accounts solidified and be arrested.

Holmes had been audited before, and this didn’t sound right.

“I said, ‘Wait a minute. It’s been my understanding… that all your communication with me needs to take place by my taxation preparer.’ And they were like, ‘Well, we called him.’ And we was like, ‘Oh, it’s a her.’ And we was like, ‘Did you? ‘Cause she didn’t try to get a reason of me, and I’m flattering certain she would.'”

Holmes satisfied a representative was a scammer and motionless to spin a tables. He simulated to panic, and asked them for instructions to send them money.

Holmes sat in his car, creation noises to remonstrate scammers he had deposited a income during a bank. Just when a scammers suspicion they had him, he let them know he was onto them.

“This is a dumbest, many pure fraud in a world,” he told them. “And someday, somebody’s gonna come during we with something like this and you’re gonna tumble for it… You’re not good during scamming, and we should stop.”

In a second story this episode, Judge spoke with a late profession in Louisiana. (This 80-year-old lady has asked to sojourn anonymous.) She had driven out to a remote Angola Prison to revisit a rapist she felt contemptible for.  But a guards wouldn’t let her in since she was wearing a denim jacket, and denim was taboo by a dress code.

Judge pronounced a profession told a guards she couldn’t take off a coupler since she wasn’t wearing a bra that day. The guards insisted all women contingency wear bras.

They counsel pronounced it had been a prolonged expostulate on a prohibited day and she didn’t wish to make a outing in vain, so she set about perplexing to find a bra for a visit. There were no stores around, so she hatched a plan: to go to a post bureau and see if a womanlike worker competence lend her one.

You can hear some-more about these hijinks on a latest part of a Criminal podcast. It’s available in a studios of WUNC.

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