Demi Lovato Fall: Singer Takes A Tumble At Pool Party [Videos]

July 5, 2015 - fall Denim

Demi Lovato took utterly a decrease during a new pool celebration to foster her new singular “Cool For a Summer.” Demi was unfortunately not so cold when she took a nasty tumble while behaving in front of hundreds of fans in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Lovato’s fans were not so kind to a singer. Most of a people in a assembly gasped and giggled as Lovato fell onto a sleazy stage. Lovato valid to everybody that she was fine by giving a assent pointer and removing right behind adult on her feet. She also jumped right into a pool afterwards.

She even done a fun about a occurrence on Twitter. Demi tweeted: “Well…It’s not a debate but busting a$$!!!!! #NOTcoolforthesummer.”

Several videos of Demi Lovato’s decrease popped adult and fast circulated on amicable media. In a video, Lovato was seen removing her microphone trustworthy to her showering fit onstage. As shortly as Lovato’s staff left, she took a decrease onto a sleazy platform.

Demi done utterly a coming in an garb that wasn’t pool ready. The “Heart Attack” thespian wore a divulgence low-cut immature and pinkish one-piece swimsuit with a white cover adult and neon crowd sandals. However, this isn’t a raciest garb that Demi has ragged during her pool celebration performances.

Prior to her barbarous fall, Lovato was seen rocking a treacherous ensemble. Lovato continued compelling “Cool For a Summer” in Miami where she was seen wearing a tie-dye one-piece swimsuit and white plaid flannel shorts. She pulled her demeanour together with black Mary Jane height shoes. According to Shopbop, Lovato’s shorts are on sale for $247.50 and “offer a witty curtsy to grunge character with a long, slouchy arise and an trustworthy shirt tied around a waist.”


Just days ago, Demi was seen in a raciest outfit ever. The thespian hosted a pool celebration in New York City with Z100 radio hire to launch her new single. Demi motionless to wear a black fibre bikini tip with denim high-waisted shorts and black enclosure over-the-knee sandals.


“Cool For a Summer” is approaching to seem on Demi Lovato’s new album. The strain already reached to a tip of a charts, interjection to a risque lyrics. It was already slammed for ripping off both Katy Perry and Jessie J’s music. The former Disney star addressed a comparisons on Twitter.

“[Cool in a Summer] sounds zero like [I Kissed A Girl]. With all a advances we’ve done in a LGBT community, we consider some-more than one womanlike artist can lick a lady and like it.”

It seems like Demi Lovato is apropos scandalous for her onstage decrease and weird conform choices rather than her music.

[Image: Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

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