Denim cutoff? New investigate says no one over this age should wear jeans

November 3, 2016 - fall Denim

A good span of jeans never goes out of style. But according to a new investigate by British association CollectPlus, there’s an age during that we should find a new approach to be stylish.

And that age … is 53.


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We’ll concede that there’s substantially a best-by date for stand tops and miniskirts (though we haven a right to figure it out for ourselves).

But jeans? We’re skeptical. Can we unequivocally grow out of wearing jeans?

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To clarify, a consult doesn’t order out wearing jeans after 53 altogether. The topic is that selling for new pairs past this age isn’t value a trouble. One in 10 half-centurions try on 6 pairs and spend 5 days looking to find only one span that fits. The routine is so dire that 6 percent reportedly detonate into tears.

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So, if we can still fit into your aged jeans, you’re good! But selling for new ones? The investigate says to forget it.

Since a options for wardrobe a reduce halves of a bodies in adulthood seem to be fast dwindling, here are a few options that haven’t nonetheless been outlawed by a peanut gallery:

  • Overalls. They’re not only for toddlers anymore!
  • Pantsuits. Always a good approach to make a presidential statement.
  • Caftans. It is an inalienable right to enter aged age in a fanciful caftan. Apparently, that starts during 54.
  • Astronaut suit. You’ll be prepared for anything!
  • No pants. Technically you’re not violation any conform rules.

All teasing aside, we trust we should wear what we want and leave a conform manners where they belong: a past. Godspeed.

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