Denim Première Vision Sneak Peek

June 2, 2015 - fall Denim

Last week saw a 16th book of Denim Première Vision take place during a Fira Montjuïc in Barcelona, showcasing a work of scarcely 100 weavers, manufacturers, launderers and finishers. A pivotal trade eventuality for all things denim, a Fall/Winter 2016-17 book noted a show’s initial year in Barcelona, carrying changed from Paris in May 2014 – it was also a initial book where a association name forsaken a ‘by,’ regulating a condensed Denim Première Vision as partial of an fixing with reward design, expertise and specialties. Trendstop’s denim group was during palm to news on all a latest trends as they happened.

This season’s vital thesis was ‘Denim Constellation,’ exploring a newest innovations opposite a denim star with 3 sub-categories: Another Moon, Galactic Dream and Orion Explorers. At a entrance, a constellation draft speedy attendees travel by a interactive room, while on a ceiling, covers of black cosmetic total with automatic installations unresolved above a accumulation of displays, illuminated with windy blue spotlights.

Highlights from a trade uncover itself enclosed a walk-through denim timeline of character during Martelli Spa as a 50th anniversary jubilee for a brand, while Jeanologia debuted an muster about a story of denim finishing, regulating record in sequence to reinvent past techniques. Elsewhere, brands such as Orta and Kilim Denim focused on inlet and organic production.

You can review Trendstop’s full Denim Première Vision Fall/Winter 2016-17 news when it goes live on a site after this week – stay tuned!

Denim Premire Vision Fall/Winter 2016-17

Denim Premire Vision Fall/Winter 2016-17

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