Devils spikers tumble during regionals

November 2, 2014 - fall Denim

Sports frequency have happy endings.

The playoffs come, and teams go by a wayside.

Eagle Valley volleyball knocked off Pueblo East in 4 on Saturday before descending to Air Academy in 3 games during a Class 4A Region 12 Volleyball Tournament down in Colorado Springs.

If any organisation deserved a Cinderella finale — or, slightest a outing to state — afterwards it would be this garland of Devils.

I unequivocally suspicion that this would be a deteriorate of healing, and it was, after manager Garrett La Force died in an automobile collision in July. What we didn’t design was a individuality of purpose of this group.

Of course, a Devils carried La Force in their hearts and minds. There were a flannel jackets, a “expect more” pointer during home games and partner Pat Sheehy’s get-ups like a Canadian tuxedo (all-denim). There was a occasional discuss in postgame interviews and so on. But it wasn’t a television, “Movie of a Week.”

That’s since Eagle Valley volleyball approaching to win. They weren’t going to let a offseason conclude them, not regulating it as an excuse.

They roared out to a 7-1 start. At their home opener, comparison Jaimee Rindy pronounced flat-out, “This is a year, we win league,” on Sept. 4. we was meditative during a time, “Jaimee, we only can’t contend that. You’re going to be providing bulletin-board element for a whole Slope.”

While Eagle Valley shortly went into “The Week of Five-Game Awfulness,” waste to Coal Ridge Steamboat Springs and Battle Mountain, a Devils never strayed from that goal. Three five-set waste in a week would generally uncover many teams. Coach Lindsey Myers simply insisted her organisation had not played good adequate and that would change.

Rookie coach, what did she know? (Answer: A lot.) Ho-hum, Eagle Valley resumed winning and took down both Steamboat and Battle Mountain on a highway in a march of 5 days. Leading adult to those dual matches, we asked Myers if she was going light on a organisation during practice?


Rookie coach, we thought. (Upon serve review, Freud should close up.)

The Devils came behind and won joining and did so with grace, a covenant to a majority of a group. They won 12 matches in a quarrel to finish a unchanging season.

There were presumably tears on Saturday. It was presumably a prolonged expostulate behind from a Springs. When a emotions clear, that they will since a object does come adult a subsequent day — wish we remembered to “fall back” by a time you’re reading this — they’ll start to understand.

This was a noted patrol that we will remember for a prolonged time.

Well done, ladies.

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached during 970-748-2934, and @cfreud.

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