Each X Other RTW Fall 2016

March 1, 2016 - fall Denim

Robert Montgomery’s elegant phrases were Each X Other’s specifying factor.

Each X Other believes in a blurb energy of poetry. Indeed, Robert Montgomery’s elegant phrases, printed on a collar of a cropped sweatshirt and on a wrist of a bomber jacket, prisoner a tumble collection’s specifying characteristic. “Poetry Finally Kills ‘Celebrity Culture’” announced one black hoodie. “The Homage of Each Other” review a duck blemish on a bare turtleneck layered underneath an apron dress. There were other slogans, though God magnify anyone who could review them in a low of Le Trianon theater. Otherwise a lineup’s androgynous tailoring, tough streetwear and denim fit right in with stream contemporary marketplace fare. Those who puncture a unhappy cool-kid demeanour will find copiousness to buy into here.

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