Exclusive: John Elliott’s New Collection Asks You to Join a Dark Side

July 23, 2016 - fall Denim

We’re strictly usually 3 days divided from a recover of a new John Elliott collection. The initial smoothness of a Los Angeles-based designer’s fall/winter 2016 charity is attack his webshop on Monday, and we have an disdainful initial look during a lookbook.

The lookbook and collection is a perfection of all we’ve come to adore from Elliott. “I had to start with T-shirts. we had to start with denim. we had to start with sweatshirts since if we started with something crazy, like contend a leather hockey jersey, afterwards it’s usually a gimmick,” he told Complex after he presented this collection during NYFW in February. Elliott’s friendship to a basis shines by in this collection and stays a tack of his brand.

This plan works brilliantly since Elliott now has such a clever bottom on that to chuck other, newer pieces. It’s like an artist starting with high-quality canvas, as against to construction paper from a drug store. The hoodies, rarely stackable sweatpants, and obsessed-over denim are all there—in different, infrequently gloomier shades of grey and black. It all provides laxity among a new pieces like a striped shacket, a strappy bomber, or a jaunty four-pocket coupler that looks like a margin coupler re-imagined for a Michael Bay movie.

“FW16 explores a darker murky themes of tension, disorientation, heated energy,” a press recover about a collection reads. This is apparent in a darker palette. Hoodies are expel in tough steel grey, tonal stripes on jackets are roughly undefinable, and a usually cocktail of tone appears on a dim cherry red flannel. It also shows in a unsettled hems on denim where Elliott would typically have meticulously purify edges.

Elliott continues to plea himself and proves that nonetheless he might have mastered a basics, he continues to ideal and grow over them.

Delivery 1 of Elliott’s fall/winter 2016 collection will be accessible on his website on Monday, Jul 25.

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