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May 22, 2017 - fall Denim

If we call a phone numbers printed opposite Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s new t-shirts, you’ll strech possibly a voicemail recording from Kendall, in that she prompts we to leave a summary after a beep, or a antic “Hello,” from Kylie, that we competence mistake for a genuine connection.

It’s a crafty and fun rendezvous examination in and with a second dump from their eponymous label, Kendall + Kylie, that they launched formerly during New York Fashion Week Spring 2016. Because if there’s one thing these dual sisters are famous for in serve to their trendsetting style, it’s joining with their fans around dungeon phones.

To enrich a brand’s core basis of bodycon dresses, bomber jackets, and bodysuits, any deteriorate Kendall + Kylie recover equipment that both conclude trends and respond to a ones they’ve possibly seen or ragged themselves on a runways. For example, Drop2 includes latex dresses, early 2000s-style denim mini skirts, and ball hats temperament renouned internet phrases such as: “Sh-t is lit.”

One appendage that stood out, however, was a span of razor-thin black sunglasses, most like a ones ragged by characters in The Matrix. The sci-fi demeanour done a quip initial during a Balenciaga Fall 2017 uncover in March, and a Kardashian/Jenners have pushed a demeanour even serve ever since, with copiousness of black leather and latex churned in to their new open appearances.

When we consider about it, a Jenners are utterly wise subjects for a Matrix revival, saying that both their personal and veteran lives fuzz a disproportion between what is genuine and what is fake. What allows them to attain is that they are all wakeful of this fact, and so it is no fluke that a usually approach to exit a Matrix is to collect adult a phone.

What desirous a dungeon phone t-shirts? Do we guys ever speak on a phone, or do we cite text?

Kendall: we cite texting contra articulate on a phone, though infrequently we have to take a call—it’s some-more personal and zero is left to interpretation.

Kylie: We suspicion a dungeon phone t-shirts would only be a fun approach to correlate with a fans, so call us!


Latex Dress, $495, kendall-kylie.com.
Fire Dad Cap, kendall-kylie.com.
Extreme CatEye sunglasses, $100, kendall-kylie.com.
Cotton Rib Wife Beater Bodysuit, $75, kendall-kylie.com.
Grommet Denim, $250, kendall-kylie.com.
Call Me Long Sleeve Baby Tee Kendall, $95, kendall-kylie.com.
Call Me Long Sleeve Baby Tee Kylie, $95, kendall-kylie.com.
Call Me Unisex Tee Kendall, $95, kendall-kylie.com.
Call Me Unisex Tee Kylie, $95, kendall-kylie.com.
Dont Touch Repurposed Denim, $195, kendall-kylie.com.
Dont Touch Repurposed Denim, $195, kendall-kylie.com.
Latex amp; Knit Rib Layered Dress, $250, kendall-kylie.com.
Latex Bra, $195, kendall-kylie.com.
Oversize Grommet Tee Shirt, $295, kendall-kylie.com.
Oversize Grommet Tee Shirt, $295, kendall-kylie.com.
Fire Fanny Pack, $125, kendall-kylie.com.
Reign Sneaker, $135, kendall-kylie.com.
Reign Sneaker, $135, kendall-kylie.com.

What are your tip 3 most-used emojis:

Kendall: we don’t have a tip 3 since we frequency use emojis. If we do, it pertains directly to a design we posted, i.e. a beach design with a call or object emoji.

Kylie: we use several heart emojis, and we have been regulating a black one utterly a bit lately. The lips are a go-to as good since of my cosmetics company.

The denim mini skirts are unequivocally suggestive of Paris Hilton’s early 2000s style. What inspires we about her character behind then, and what pieces do we adore recreating these days?

Kendall: Paris is a family friend, so like a large sisters we have always dignified her conform sense. At my 21st birthday party, we wore a dress desirous by a one Paris wore in 2002 during her 21st birthday party. She was there to applaud with me that night and desired my look.

Kylie: The denim mini dress in a Drop2 collection is desirous by Christina Aguilera circa 2000. we dressed adult as her for Halloween this year. She is amazing!

Where’s a best or place to wear a fanny pack?

Kendall: Best place is a club, it keeps your hands giveaway and we are not fearful of losing anything.

Kylie: we don’t consider there is a “worst” place; we’re amatory a fanny container comeback!

What trends are we spooky with for this summer?

Kendall: Great bodysuits with matter jeans.

Kylie: Baseball caps, colorful latex, and denim mini skirts with heels.

And that trends are we looking brazen to wearing in a fall?

Kendall: We are amatory trip dresses still and are personification around with how we character them. We adore them with an oversized deconstructed denim coupler or a puffer.

Kylie: We are also amatory discriminating athleisure looks. We adore velour in abounding colors and pairing it with delicate silk camisoles and bodysuits—super gentle and chic.

The impassioned CatEye sunglasses are unequivocally Matrix-esque. Have we ever seen a movie? And if so, would we take a red tablet or a blue pill?

Kendall: Yes, we have seen a movie. It’s incredible; we can watch it again and again. we consider we would take a red pill; we would need to know a truth.

Kylie: We adore sci-fi movies, and The Matrix is one of a best! Red or blue pill… That is flattering tough since life is unequivocally good right now. So, we consider blue tablet to stay in a Matrix.

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