EXCLUSIVE: Re/Dun Perfects Fall’s Must-Have Patchwork Jean

August 29, 2014 - fall Denim


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AP-O8-LA-7-REDUN-2014- 408_RGBLast week was Denim Week here during Style.com, differently famous as a five-day sapphire marathon in that we lonesome jean labels high and low, aged and new. One on-the-rise code that grabbed a courtesy was Re/Dun, a plan from Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur that manages to mix a adore of selected denim with a need for a ideal fit.

“The many critical thing we demeanour for in a span of selected jeans is that they’re beautifully and authentically ragged in,” Mazur told Style.com. “Seeing thousands of pairs of these jeans, we rise an eye for unique-looking wear patterns. We also demeanour for something that can’t be replicated in a bureau on a new span of jeans.”

For Re/Dun’s latest offerings, Barron (who formerly launched Joie) and Mazur (who founded Underground Denim) combined a limited-edition collection of heavily patched, reconstructed, and handmade jeans done of selected Levi’s 501s called Re/Pair Re/Dun. “The vibe is artisanal and individualist,” Barron said. “Each span is so singular and domestic but looking ‘hippie.’ It’s a complicated chronicle of a selected patchwork jean.”

Fashion art directors Marie Noorbergen and Aurelie Pyvka (whose résumés embody Dior, Kenzo, and Jil Sander) got so desirous by a patched-up jeans during a new studio revisit that they enlisted Pyvka’s husband, Arnaud, for an unpretentious ad debate fire in Venice. The images, featuring a jeans and lax white blouses, simulate Re/Dun’s adore of well-worn, deeply personal classics. The debate shots entrance exclusively here on Style.com. “When we saw a images, we were blown away,” Barron said. “It’s accurately how we envisioned revelation a story.”

Re/Pair Re/Dun jeans, $229 to $338, are accessible currently on redun.com.


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