Fall 2018 Ready-to-WearRe/Done

February 19, 2018 - fall Denim

When Re/Done launched in 2014, a grounds was simple: to recut selected men’s Levi’s into curve-hugging women’s silhouettes. We substantially don’t have to tell we a rest of a story. Re/Done is like a plans for what all brands should aspire to be in 2018: dear by It girls, though permitted to all. Thus far, Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur have essentially focused on a classical Levi’s 501, rambling and reinterpreting it a dozen opposite ways: They’ve spliced it into flares, combined zippers during a ankles, and done jackets out of aged bits and pockets. They’ve even engineered mint denim to impersonate a demeanour and feel of 501s. Which is all to contend they were prepared for a new challenge. For 2018, a new cult Re/Done fit is a Levi’s 505, that has a same high arise as a 501, though straighter, longer legs.

Barron pronounced each indication who’s attempted them on has been now obsessed. Maybe it has something to do with a fact that we’ve been wearing cropped stovepipes for so long, or maybe it’s since a 505s only demeanour unequivocally good with boots. In a lookbook, they’re styled with simple, low-heeled cowboy boots, and Barron hinted that a Re/Done chronicle competence be function soon. It would be subsequent on a prolonged list of things he and Mazur wish to “redo”—their partnership with Bass loafers drops after this open and they’ve put their turn on Dickies pants and Hanes tees, too.

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