Fall’s Best Jean Jackets: Stylish Guys Are Going Beyond Basic Blue

September 13, 2016 - fall Denim

From top, left to right: 3sixteen, Levi’s, Battenwear, Acne Studios, Gucci, Visvim, Nudie Jeans, Saint Laurent, APC

From top, left to right: 3sixteen, Levi’s, Battenwear, Acne Studios, Gucci, Visvim, Nudie Jeans, Saint Laurent, APC


F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal, Styling by Anne Cardenas

ROUND ABOUT NOW, colors are changing, both on a molting oaks and—in a approach reduction expected to enthuse capricious 8th-grade poets—on denim jackets. Unexpected versions, like Saint Laurent’s murdered-out black trucker or Nudie’s cream variety, are stretching a impression good over classical cornflower blue.

“When we make [a denim jacket] with a darker fabric or tonal stitching, it is something that can be simply dressed up,” pronounced Andrew Chen, co-owner of 3sixteen, a New York-based denim association that produces a coupler so profoundly navy it’s most black. The sable coupler is also particularly sleek, so most so that Mr. Chen has seen some business wear it with dress slacks. Marlboro-Man musty, it is not.

At a other finish of a tone spectrum are lighter denim riffs from labels like Battenwear, that lend themselves to many denim-on-denim combos. “I see [our cream jacket] with blue jeans or black jeans or gray jeans,” pronounced Morgan Sundberg, pattern executive of Nudie Jeans.

These days, even when a code does cut a coupler in a normal sapphire hue, it tends to pattern it for limit distinction. Gucci’s Led-Zeppelinish entrance comes riveted and embroidered. Meanwhile, some-more pointed details, like A.P.C.’s “hidden” on-seam pockets or Levi’s varnished seams and somewhat tattered collar, give a pattern impression that creates it mount out sensitively from a crowd, pronounced Jonny Ribeiro, 29, a Brooklyn-based interior engineer and denim coupler aficionado. “I adore things that have wear and uncover explanation of life,” pronounced Mr. Ribeiro, who describes his well-loved jean coupler as his “second skin.” Find your possess this fall—just don’t settle for walking aged blue.

From top, left to right: 3sixteen Jacket, $265, selfedge.com ; Levi’s Vintage Clothing Jacket, $385, Magasin, 213-458-8424; Battenwear Jacket, $300, bivouacshop.com ; Jacket, $400, acnestudios.com ; Jacket, $2,950, gucci.com ; Visvim, $1,000, Barneys New York, 212-826-8900; Nudie Jeans Jacket, $210, mrporter.com ; Jacket, $990, Saint Laurent, 212-980-2970; Jacket, $290, apc.fr

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