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July 28, 2015 - fall Denim

It should come as no warn that tolerable shoe association Brother Vellies, that enlists a assistance of African artisans and recycled materials to qualification a stylish takes on normal footwear, has a stylish and courteous artistic executive behind it. Backed by past knowledge as a indication agent, curator, and artistic consultant, Toronto-born, Brooklyn-based Aurora James has built a association into a force with that to be reckoned given a pregnancy in 2013. On a heels of her sparkling chain in a 2015 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, we asked a multi-talented businessman to plate on another of her distinct qualities—her personal style.

Define your character in 3 words: 
Unexpected, textured, playful.

Daily uniform:
I’m a denim girl, though adore to brew it adult with overalls, vests and lots of opposite cuts. we typically span jeans with a bushy shoe of sorts and I’m mostly though a purse during all.

Greatest hits:
I wear my Caron Callahan jumpsuits religiously. we also have a Margiela bomber coupler from a masking fasten deteriorate that is a tumble dream come true. Stella Jean’s skirts also supplement a cocktail of fun to my wardrobe.

Preferred footwear:
Brother Vellies!

Finishing touches:
Loren Stewart reserve pin earrings have been constants of cave for a past dual years, we literally have not taken them off. To know me is to know we am also spooky with moisturizer, we consider it’s a best finishing hold – healthy skin.

Nighttime look:
Basically my daytime look, though with turn Miu Miu glasses.

Style pet peeve:
People who consider they aren’t cold adequate to wear something. We are ALL cold adequate to wear everything! Embrace your middle Tilda Swinton!

Style icons:
Carolyn Bessette. Florence Welch also inspires me since we adore how she moves in clothes. She is a opening artist, within fashion, that is all a engineer can ever unequivocally wish of someone like her wearing their clothes.

Last purchase:
Protea from Emily Thompson Flowers.

Lusting after:
Rosie Assoulin Resort Sweater.

Favorite haunts:
LaSultana Hotel in Marrakech is one of a many lively places in a World. There is zero like a splash on a roof there during night to get swept adult in a circuitously sounds of a medina. Most mornings during home in BedStuy, Brooklyn, we can be found during Brooklyn Kolache.

Summer must-haves:
Straw hats, sunscreen and automobile keys. Summer adventures with friends are what life is all about.

What’s always in your bag:
RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Oil.

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