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December 6, 2016 - fall Denim

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Fashion bloggers’ must-have tumble trends


By Jessi Roti

Chicago Tribune

Fall is arguably a best deteriorate for formulating a matter look.

This season’s bomber jackets, oversize knits and velvet all are all statement-makers prepared for that “outfit of a day” Instagram post. But conform “It” bloggers Nadia Aboulhosn and Julia Engel aren’t focusing, for fall, on trends embraced by conform fanatics. Instead, they went behind to what they unequivocally love, essential classics that are always Instagram-worthy.

“I don’t follow trends unless it’s one we unequivocally like. we always tell my readers that they should do a same — find their possess character and wear what they love. Be themselves,” Engel says.

Aboulhosn agrees, “I try to be as loyal to who we am as most as we can. There’s not one form of woman, one form of style.”

Make these must-have looks your possess this fall.

Nadia Aboulhosn, Cocoa, Fla.

503,000 Instagram followers, 35,100 Twitter followers

Blogger, indication and newly minted engineer Nadia Aboulhosn is famous for branch a tables on plus-size fashion, display curvy women everywhere that no trend or character is off-limits usually since a mainstream might consider it is. Just take a demeanour during her entrance collection for Addition Elle during

“There’s so many women that formula with opposite tools of me. Women can conclude my formula who don’t entirely know themselves nonetheless and demeanour to me as inspiration, and afterwards there are women who have a good prophesy of who they are already and arrange of rebound impulse off that as well.”

Fall favorite: Winter white. “Grey or cream works, though I’m some-more into pristine white as against to a common tumble colors like brown, black or olive green.”

Must-have piece: Barneys New York twill open-front ditch coat

How to stone it: “I’d span it with light denim, that is all to me right now. I’ll wear unequivocally short, light denim shorts with high, pointed, light-gray suede boots and an oversize Marc Jacobs men’s button-up (shirt) with a denim jacket.”

Trends that are over: Studded shoes. If it’s studded, it’s over. Also Uggs. “I usually can’t.”

Julia Engel, Charleston, S.C.

1 million Instagram followers, 39,700 Twitter followers

Julia Engel shares her take on classic, delicate styles (think Lauren Conrad relocating to a countryside) on her blog, Gal Meets Glam, in hopes of moving women not usually by fashion, though by her possess adventures in life.

“Our readers are of all ages, some students, some professionals, some single, some married, looking to build not usually a wardrobe, though a lifestyle. They demeanour to GMG not usually for fashion, though for transport destinations, home taste ideas and encouragement. Gal Meets Glam tries to go over usually presenting products by revelation stories that give readers a finish experience. we try to embody equipment that we unequivocally use and feel would be of seductiveness to them.”

Fall favorite: The classical peacoat and always in navy.

Must-have piece: Frame double-breasted nap peacoat

Why: “It’s a classical that never goes out of character and is a ideal length for anything, either that’s a sweater and jeans, or a midi or mini dress.”

How to stone it: “I would covering it over a cashmere pullover and button-down shirt with a span of slacks and loafers.”

The trend Nadia Aboulhosn and Julia Engel both determine on? The thigh-high or over-the-knee boot.

“I’m so spooky with them! we feel like we can wear them even in a summertime. You can wear them with leggings or a skirt,” Aboulhosn says. “With time, (suede) stretches, so for girls who have bigger legs like me, it’s easier to burst into suede than something else.”

Engel prefers a lower-heeled character and also acknowledges a underappreciated regard factor. “I would really wear them with a dress or dress in a fall/winter months since they demeanour good and do keep my legs warm,” she says.

Either way, personal character is where a heart is for these two.


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