Fashion Face Off: Suzy Vs. Choi Ara In Moschino Denim Combo

April 4, 2015 - fall Denim

In a final (female) Fashion Face Off, KARA’s Youngji faced My Lovely Girl singer Cha Ye Ryun in a conflict of a Jason Couture stormy gown. Youngji took a win with 83% of a votes after bettering a kind poise to intensify a charmer conformation of a dress.

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For this week’s battle, skip A’s “it girl” Suzy faces tip indication Choi Ara! Both women wore a same Moschino quilted denim multiple from a brand’s 2014 Fall Collection. The chain-trimmed coupler can be yours for $1,041 during Matches Fashion; however, a dress is now sole out from all vital retailers.

Suzy wore a light blue set in a 20th anniversary emanate of Ceci magazine. She finished off her demeanour with a bejeweled beret and affordable $123 Miss Bibi ring. She hold a cake and acted opposite a grand piano while looking like a high conform princess.

Choi Ara donned a jean demeanour in a Nov (2014) emanate of Cosmopolitan. She joined a runway combo with a black tube top, relating sequence shoulder bag, black leggings and glossy boots. She modeled in a studio room filled with large stereos.

So, who wore it better? Vote for your favorite below!



Choi Ara

The demeanour can be seen next on a runway.

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