Fashion Week Tokyo: It Was Wabi-Sabi All a Way during a City’s Fall Shows

March 21, 2016 - fall Denim

The deficiency of LVMH Prize semifinalists Mikio Sakabe and Facetasm, both of that changed to Paris, was heavily felt during Tokyo Fashion Week this season. Unlike those visually impactful brands, a labels that sojourn in Tokyo simulate a lo-fi sensibility. Quiet creation and craftsmanship were during a core of a collections final week; designers seemed to have real-life and blurb instincts in mind some-more than runway theatrics. Simple though with dexterity during a core, pieces were worn-in, patched, washed, or even remade so that they had a clarity of personalization and history.

Military, tailoring, and denim seemed again and again and were given some oomph with layered styling. The other prevalent component of a deteriorate was techy outside materials. While this might not be new, there was an increasing clarity of analog-ness and importance on protectionism and survival-inspired gear. At Mihara Yasuhiro Modified, a engineer remade his possess selected troops collection into a couture runway show; Discovered’s Tatsuya Kimura and Sanae Yoshida cleared nap jackets one by one until they were shrunken to satisfaction. Name.’s patchwork boro-inspired coats featured 16 opposite fabrics and textures, while Motohiro Tanji’s corpulent handmade knits were accompanied by customized selected denim pants.

Still, this is Tokyo, and tone and investigation did overcome during a few shows, including WrittenAfterwards and Plastic Tokyo. Technical master Yoshio Kubo did it best: His runner ponchos and coats unraveled into prolonged fringe, fusing wearability with creativity for ideal Tokyo Fashion Week wabi-sabi.

Motohiro Tanji tumble 2016
Motohiro Tanji tumble 2016

From left: Mihara Yasuhiro Modified, Discovered, and Motohiro Tanji

Photo (From left): Hirokazu OHARA /; Courtesy of Discovered; (c)Hirokazu OHARA2016


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