Fast Retailing, Uniqlo’s Owner, Opens Denim Innovation Center in LA

November 30, 2016 - fall Denim

Fast Retailing, a Japanese organisation behind such brands as Uniqlo, Theory, Comptoir des Cotonniers, and J Brand has non-stop a initial trickery clinging to a investigate and growth of denim fabric. Based in Los Angeles, a Denim Innovation Center seeks to pierce together specialists from a several subsidiaries to allege technological and element innovations in a area of jean creation. Fast Retailing says that Uniqlo and J Brand will be a initial to advantage from a center’s work, that might perceptible itself in products as early as subsequent fall. “By substantiating a Denim Retailing Center in Los Angeles, a tellurian heart for information on denim, Fast Retailing will be means to fast incorporate a hint of stream trends in a designs,” a association pronounced in a press release.


Fast Retailing typically outsources representation prolongation and other operations to third-party manufacturers. The Denim Innovation Center, on a other hand, will concede a association to control a routine in-house, a pierce that it says will “considerably” urge a speed and peculiarity of product development.

Contractors will be means to use a resource-packed trickery as a investigate hub, quite when it comes to formulating eco-friendlier estimate and prolongation techniques—washing and pathetic included.

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It will also loop in longstanding partners like Kaihara, one of Japan’s heading manufacturers of reward denim and a visit Uniqlo collaborator.

The Denim creation Center’s categorical purpose is to “create well-developed products for times,” according to Fast Retailing.

“Focusing on a ‘3Fs’ (fabric, fit, and finish), a pivotal elements in creation jeans, a core will rise fabrics with a world’s heading fabric makers, as good as control RD on a latest prolongation technologies, to make jeans that demeanour well-developed and are gentle to wear,” it added.

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