Father John Misty Knows How to Handle a Scarf

January 16, 2016 - fall Denim

If it weren’t for a hulk Starbucks cup, it’d be easy to suppose Father John Misty here as an editor covering a stream menswear shows, sanctimonious not to notice that his print is being taken. So pitch-perfect was his execution of this XXL headband while walking into a Late Show with Stephen Colbert, so ideally dispassionate was his whole demeanor. And let’s be real: Your normal dude would substantially earlier use that headband as a chuck sweeping than go out into a universe wearing it around his neck. It’s a character pierce that is some-more wearable in theory—like on a Fall 2015 Burberry runway—than in practice.

And that’s a genuine shame, since not usually is it a damn good look, it’s also warm. So gentle that we can get divided ditching your parka for a lighter leather or denim coupler (or even a fit jacket, as John did) and still be comfortable. So gentle that we don’t have to disaster adult your hair with a beanie if we don’t wish to. If you’re traveling, a XXL headband doubles as a pillow. If you’re on a date, we can hang it around that person’s shoulders like a correct gentleman.

Really, some-more guys should patrolman this character move. Keep all in a same neutral tone palette, hang and tuck one finish into a opening of your jacket, and say a chill countenance on your face and you’ve mastered a look. Plus, acknowledge it already, that dinky street-vendor headband that’s about half a distance of this is not doing the pursuit of gripping we warm. Double down already.

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