Frame Denim Fall 2015

February 12, 2015 - fall Denim

Frame Denim’s name competence connote to collections that are purely denim-driven. But 3 years after a inception, the tag now involves ready-to-wear for a initial time. The impulse for this operation was a ’70s, many particularly a American take on a pivotal styles of a era, formed on how Europeans were sauce during a time. This translated to looks like a suede ditch coat, a striped shirtdress, and unequivocally stylish culottes. There were indeed some impeccably-cut denim pieces, like a high-cut light with vast front pockets. The short-sleeved denim jumpsuit, with a brand’s initial leather belt, is unequivocally one to keep an eye on. So what else is new this season? “We’ve started building the possess patterns, that is unequivocally new,” said Jens Grede, half of Frame’s first duo.

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