Furniture Designer Richard Wrightman’s Refined Workwear

December 14, 2015 - fall Denim

Clockwise from tip left: Hartford Henley; Olch College Striped Scarf; Cutler and Gross 1135 Glasses; Shipper Cardigan; R.M. Williams Chelsea Boots; Phigvel Lot 304 Slick Jeans; Ten C Parka; Bee Yummy Skinfood

FIVE YEARS AGO, Richard Wrightman, owner of an eponymous seat pattern studio in Long Island City, N.Y., motionless to splurge on a new wardrobe. The reason: Mr. Wrightman, 53, designed to spend reduction time in his dry seminar and some-more in his office, assembly clients and strategizing ways to grow a marketplace for his campaign-style desks, tables and shelves.

The change didn’t meant he started shopping Italian suits; rather, he adopted a some-more deliberate chronicle of his intrinsic style. “I [still] dress like an artisan, though it’s no longer work wear,” pronounced Mr. Wrightman. His go-tos embody hand-detailed shirts by wabi-sabi-influenced Japanese tag 45R and refined, multi-pocket work jackets from French code Vetra.

Luckily, Mr. Wrightman has detected a few well-edited stores—such as Gentry, in a Williamsburg area of Brooklyn—that prove his ambience for a fastidiously functional.

The engineer pronounced he now sees sauce as a form of self-expression: “One day, [my look] is dim and another it’s something brighter or patterned.” By expanding his sartorial ambitions over a quite unsentimental uniform, he added, “I can examination and feel some-more like myself.”

Layer Chic | “I wear a henley daily in tumble and winter—for unsentimental reasons, though we also like how a buttons demeanour underneath a shirt. Hartford has a softest cotton; it roughly feels like silk.” Hartford Henley, $105, Blok Hill, 718-783-0789

Winter Wear | “Last winter, we bought a board Ten C Parka. Its ship has a leather front with nylon puffer sleeves and a shearling embellished hood. The multiple creates for a ideal winter coat.” Ten C Parka with Shearling Hooded Liner, $2,700,


Top Shops | “When we detected Gentry, it blew my mind. At a time, there was zero like it in Williamsburg. we emporium there a most, though we also like Pilgrim Surf + Supply, RRL and Billy Reid.” Gentry, 718-384-8585

To Dye For | “My favorite jeans are a tender span by Japanese code Phigvel. They’re only a right fit. Raw denim is not a many comfortable, though we mangle them in and they turn wonderful.” Phigvel Lot 304 Slick Jeans, $285,

Cardi Carrying | “I adore cardigans. They’re available since we can unbutton and opening them if you’re too warm. we recently picked adult a conspicuous one from Svensson, a Swedish association that produces in Italy.” Shipper Cardigan, $397,

Rugged, Refined | “Chelsea boots are good since we can dress them adult or down. we always have a uninformed span for improved occasions, and afterwards we have ones I’ve been wearing for 10 years.” R.M. Williams Chelsea Boots, $495,

Wrapper’s Delight | “When it gets cold, we feel exposed though a scarf. It’s unequivocally tough for me to find a good headband so we competence buy no some-more than dual a season. Alexander Olch produces unequivocally pleasing ones.” College Stripe Scarf, $270,

Spec Swap | “Normally we try to keep it subtle, though infrequently we wish that statement. That’s because we have these heavier, dark-frame eyeglasses [among other pairs].” 1135 Glasses, $495, Cutler and Gross, 212-431-4440

Natural Resource | “I try to equivocate any beauty product that has chemicals. Bee Yummy’s are tender and have live nutrients. They smell and feel good on my face. I’ve been regulating them for years.” Bee Yummy Skinfood, $39 for 2 ounces, Live Live Organic, 212-505-5504

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