GANNI’s Debut Denim Collection Is All Cool Silhouettes and Sugary Pastel Tones

March 24, 2018 - fall Denim

Danish tag GANNI is a summary of cool, contemporary Scandinavian character – a witty turn on a traditionally minimal conform sensibilities customarily dependent with a region. Spring/Summer 2018 outlines a brand’s initial genuine incursion into denim and in loyal GANNI style, it’s a unique, facilely stylish collection that reimagines how we see, and wear, denim.

Available exclusively during NET-A-PORTER, a line comprises of tack pieces like jackets and jeans, all of that have been designed with a somewhat radical approach. Jackets are cropped to a bust or assembled with additional panels on a back, any with farfetched sleeves and jeans see an ultra wide-leg silhouette, clearly desirous by ’70s bell-bottoms though decidedly modern. There’s also a long-line denim dress that during first-glance retains a figure of a span of jeans, though with supplementary panels combined in.

The tone palette ranges between classical – sapphire denim and white – alongside sugar-coated pastel tones like orange, sherbet yellow and dark lilac. The laid-back feel of a collection is complemented by elementary pattern details, like manifest stitching, silver-tone hardware and pockets, as good as GANNI‘s unprotected tag that is stitched on a behind of a jeans – in a middle, rather than dark divided on a side where brand’s typically place their branding on denim.

Denim has been a character tack worldwide given it was initial created, though GANNI have truly revived panoply that are such constituent partial of people’s bland wardrobes. Browse by some of a lookbook images above and shop a operation exclusively during If Scandinavian brands are your thing, check out Acne Studios’ Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

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