Getting Athletic: Brands Court Players for Ad Campaigns

January 6, 2015 - fall Denim

LOS ANGELES — Whether careening off a path on a skateboard, shredding roller or retaining a rugby round underneath a towering of robust men, a flourishing array of athletes are competing for a new prize: ad campaigns in a attire and beauty industry.

Emboldened by a ath-leisure trend winning fashion, brands trimming from Bobbi Brown and Burberry to DKNY and Hudson Jeans are out to raise their images with athletes’ toned physiques and travel credibility. While sports total have permitted innumerable products and single-handedly launched character revolutions over a decades — Olympic skating champion Dorothy Hamill desirous schoolgirls to get her play haircut, while David Beckham stands as a enthusiast saint of metrosexuals — new opportunities are rising for a subsequent era of athletes. For stars of lesser-known sports in particular, amicable media allows them to assemble a following that mainstream marketers essay to reach.

“In many respects, either they know it or not, [athletes] have a lifestyle,” pronounced David Carter, principal during consulting organisation Sports Business Group and executive executive of a Sports Business Institute during a University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. “With a large or appealing contestant who wears garments that are flattering, there is roughly an finish partial to it. Fans feel they have this viewed tie to a athlete.”

For a conform association that is rising a sport-related brand, it is essential to align itself with someone who excels in both entertainment and style.

AG, a South Gate, Calif.-based reward jeans code before famous as AG Adriano Goldschmied, is planting a dwindle on a fairway this open with a men’s golf line permitted by Camilo Villegas. After 10 years of going “a tiny edgy” with his prior attire sponsor, J.Lindeberg, a Colombian-born pro has related his conform predestine to AG, a association that might be a beginner in golf yet a brave in denim and sportswear. After all, his character expansion is streamer to looks that are, in his words, “very classy, superb and sharp.”

“If we consider about a golf world, it is such a tiny world,” Villegas said. “But a conform universe is a large world. You’ve got to mix them both.”

The possibility to strech a far-reaching accumulation of people, not to discuss a decent paycheck, is tough to spin down. Declining to divulge specific figures, talent managers pronounced fees vary, yet a athletes are paid well. Landing a incense campaign, for instance, can meant signing a renewable one-year agreement valued during some-more than $100,000.

Having skated in Maison Martin Margiela, Tomas Maier and other engineer dress for a conform fire consecrated by Mr. Porter, Net-a-porter’s selling site for men, 33-year-old Finnish skateboarder Arto Saari is a subsequent superstar for a new debate compelling Macy’s American Rag Cie streetwear label. “It puts skateboarding in a improved place when people do cranky over,” he said.

The educated photographer also had a eminence of station in front of and behind a camera for Hudson Jeans, that had never before expel an contestant in a selling campaign. In Saari, a Commerce, Calif.-based denim code found a passage for this spring’s amicable media-based marketing.

“What Arto and a skateboarding universe paint to me is freedom,” pronounced Ben Taverniti, Hudson’s pattern and artistic director.

Besides, athletes are only unchanging people who got fit by a lot of use and training.

“The choice for an ad debate is arrange of a contestant or a really, unequivocally spare guy,” pronounced Silvester Ruck, a 26-year-old German-born kiteboarder who bundled adult in parkas for his first-ever ad debate for Moncler, afterwards revealed his abs to foster Dsquared2’s Wild fragrance. “I consider carrying a healthy purpose indication is most better. we kind of feel like I’m closer to a normal man than a spare guy.”

Patti Cohen, executive clamp boss of tellurian selling and communications during DKNY, concurred that athletes “are unequivocally relatable,” personification good into a brand’s plan of regulating travel casting for a ad campaigns. The New York-based company’s competition of choice happened to be skateboarding. Pro skater Dylan Rieder mugged with Cara Delevingne for a open 2014 ad campaign. Ben Nordberg, who was detected by Next Models around Instagram, is presumption that layer this spring.

“We felt [Nordberg] was a good member since of a skateboarding, since it’s such a partial of New York City,” Cohen said. “We only felt it had a authenticity.”

Nordberg also gave a childish corner to Burberry in a Art of a Trench campaign. With a devil-may-care opinion that emanates by amicable media, in a ad he skated around Venice Beach in a dim ditch cloak from a British brand, black spare jeans and a T-shirt speckled with holes.

Although he wasn’t paid for a gig, a 25-year-old from Bath, England, said, “I only never suspicion we would finish adult doing something for [Burberry]…It’s wicked.”

For Roberta Mancino, who skydives and jumps off buildings with a parachute, wearing makeup isn’t partial of her sporty slight since she shields herself with goggles and a helmet. “But, of course, we will do it for a commercial,” pronounced a former model.

For a new Bobbi Brown graduation rising this April, Mancino’s goggle-free, beautified face will be filmed from opposite angles as she hurls her physique into a air. “I like a fact that they wish to do something crazy and exciting, and it’s not only unchanging modeling,” pronounced Mancino, 33, who formerly seemed in ads for Italian shoe code 2a2 and hair-removal line Veet.

The feeling is mutual with conform marketers. “Clients are meddlesome in models who do things other than modeling,” pronounced Mimi Wypor, a men’s booker during Next Models in Los Angeles.

Fashion designers also conclude a opinions of their jaunty collaborators. Since Villegas is famous on a greens for prostrating himself like a spider to review a line of a putt, AG Green Label is formulating lightweight polyester-based pants with widen and wicking capability generally for him. “He depends on his apparatus and wardrobe to duty during a high level,” pronounced Sam Ku, AG’s clamp boss and artistic director. “It all creates a disproportion in how he is playing.”

Aside from their gear, athletes-turned-models also contend with earthy injuries. Days after coupler a Dsquared2 debate fire with Steven Klein, Ruck distinguished by attack a waves with his kiteboard. He finished adult with a dejected knee, dual surgeries and 5 months of recuperation that forced him to cancel a array of jobs final summer.

“These models who are professionals personification sports, that’s their adrenaline rush,” pronounced David Todd, who manages Ruck’s displaying career. “I can’t speak them out of it.”

When they do travel divided from sports, athletes are stepping adult their conform game.

“A confederate of years ago, we was unequivocally relaxed. A span of jeans and flip-flops and T-shirt was my go-to outfit,” pronounced Nick Youngquest, 31, an Australian who played veteran rugby in his home nation and a U.K. before apropos a face of Paco Rabanne’s Invictus fragrance. Experimenting with opposite styles, Youngquest recently wore a double-breasted coupler and shorts in light gray linen from a new men’s line called Esson Heritage to a wedding, during a risk of pang curse looks from his macho mates. “They’ll substantially be wearing it subsequent summer,” he predicted.

Athletes make good muses, per Marie Lapaire, a owners of a French valuables line called Satine. This past fall, she collaborated with pro surfer Tia Blanco on a collection of vegan leather cuffs and necklaces. “We both had unequivocally opposite styles, so we kind of met in a middle,” Blanco, 17, removed of her pattern debut.

“[Blanco’s] pretty, she’s vegan and lives a pure, healthy life,” Lapaire said. “I like these values.”

So do a legions of fans who spin to athletes for recommendation on fashion, workouts and even relationships. Considering that their conform contracts mostly confederate incentives for augmenting a array of amicable media followers, athletes are fervent to share about their life.

To one supporter who fretted on Blanco’s Tumblr page that using would lead to massive thighs, Blanco replied: “Who cares, though? Strong is a new pretty.”

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